Here are some Ex service organisations located in Western Australia that can help. Click on the photos below and they will take you to the respected organisations that are able to assist you.

Soldiers and Sirens

How we want to help our First Responders and Australian Defence Force personnel in Western Australia

Due to the continuous and severe nature of exposure to trauma on a daily basis by First Responders and Military personnel they are the most at risk occupations to develop a mental illness.

We came up with an idea to set up a place where past and present Emergency Services workers and Military personnel can come and seek help from someone who knows what it was like, who had seen what they had seen, and who knows that people who join these jobs are already resilient, are already tough, have already been doing their best for years.

Danielle has spent the last 10 years after leaving WA Police learning her craft, finding out how best to treat trauma and understanding the organisations and individuals that are out here in Perth in this space working to make things better.

We have created Soldiers & Sirens

This will be an organisation staffed by ex-serving personnel for anyone who is or has served in the Australian Defence Force
or any of our First Responder organisations at any time.

We will be offering counselling, peer support, crisis assistance and social activities.

We want a safe place where members of this community can come to reconnect with each other.

Where everyone who works or volunteers with us will have walked the walk.

We plan to work with WA Police Force, St John Ambulance and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Our philosophy is all about collaborating with existing services, so we can all do what we do best and band together to support our community members.

Western Australia is the world’s largest single police jurisdiction. There are 6,800 police officers, 810 paramedics, 3100 volunteer ambulance officers, 1125 career fire fighters and over 1000 volunteer fire fighters in Western Australia. Along with a large number of full time and reserve Australian Defence Force Personnel living in WA. That is a big community to support and we need all the help we can get.

Working Spirit

Working Spirit’s Goals & Objectives are to raise awareness of veteran employability to businesses both in the Public and Private Sector in Australia whilst highlighting the workforce potential of veterans.

Meentheena Veterans Retreat WA inc.

Everyone is welcome at Meentheena, not just veterans. Veterans and members of para military organisations such as SES, Ambulance, Bush Fire Brigades etc can join our organisation for discounts on our camping fees which are are $10.00 per vehicle per day for members, $15 for non members.
Showers, toilets, washing machine and potable bore water are available.

Please check into the main camp on arrival and you can camp there or at any of the numerous sites on the run, many of which are located adjacent to the Nullagine River. Beautiful campsites for everyone.

Membership applications can be paid at Meentheena or can be sent to VRWA Inc, PO Box 50, Greenwood, WA 6924. $25 per member. See the website to download an application form. Meentheena is managed by an elected committee of which John Schaars is the President. Members contribute to the running of the camp and often act as camp hosts during the year.

RSL Western Australia

The RSLWA has continuously provided camaraderie and assistance to those returned from service for well over one hundred years.

Founded to support veterans and their families, the core mission has never changed, but has continued to grow and evolve as the needs of each generation changed. From young and old, ex-serving to current, male and female alike, the RSLWA is here to assist.

We advocate for the best possible conditions for those who have served and foster a spirit of respect and thanks from a grateful nation through commemorative services and events. Our voice is strong. Our will stronger still.

Our branch network across the state allows for assistance to be given to any veteran in need. Member or not, a warm welcome is always waiting for you at your local RSL Sub-Branch.

Veterans MC WA

The Veterans MC is a closed club that invites individuals to become members after they have formed a personal bond or affiliation with the club. Veterans MC clubhouse is located next door to the Nollamara RSL and opens the doors to the public on Friday evenings between 7:00pm and midnight. Functions and events are held throughout the year by the club for members and the public to attend. Details of these events are posted on the Events Page on this website.

Club History

On July 10th 1992 the inaugural meeting of the “Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club” occurred in Perth Western Australia. In 1995, the club obtained a premises in Lord Street East Perth which became the original clubhouse.

In 1997 the club moved to Nollamara and built a clubhouse on vacant land adjacent to Nollamara RSL. Also in 1997 the club changed to 100% Harley Davidson and the club colours were first seen out. After a few ups and downs with the 4 original Western Australian Clubs, approval to run the colours was granted in 1998.

In 2000 a realization based on the Vietnam Veterans premise, the club would have a limited life span. Talks were carried out amongst the State Chapters and it was agreed at a Federal level that all the “Vietnam Veterans MC” would become the “Veterans MC” opening the doors to all “servicemen” regardless of service. Western Australia seized this opportunity to expand and move into the future!

Unfortunately when the other state presidents returned to their respective chapters they folded under pressure and failed to take this forward step.

Veterans MC Australia still believes that CASPER (the skull and slouch hat patch) should be available to all who are worthy to wear the patch. Significant changes to existing clubs need to be made to achieve this. This requires commitment and effort that may result in conflict. Unfortunately prospective members who are not “Vietnam Veterans” have been taking the soft and easy option of starting new breast patch clubs instead of forcing the change.

Chapters of the Veterans MC are currently in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and South Australia.


Cypress Cottage

Cypress Cottage is a low cost emergency accommodation for ex-service personnel for short and medium term stays. The Cottage operates as a non-profit organisation which is managed by the Veterans Motorcycle Club.

  • Low cost, emergency accommodation
  • Close to public transport (bus & train),
  • Shops and Cafe’s are with in walking distance,
  • Quiet and central to Perth’s centre
  • Alcohol and Smoke free accommodation

Any enquiries regarding Cypress Cottage including room availability can be directed to the club.