Below is a list of Veteran and Veteran family owned and operated businesses that are located In Victoria Click on the logos and check out their websites.

Health, Fitness & Fun



Nick Sutherland first started ‘State of Mind’ in 2009, working from a home office in Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula, specialising in helping people to heal and overcome trauma in order to find peace and happiness.

Whilst he enjoyed this work, Nick started to see patterns in that much of his clients ‘suffering’ was connected to how they processed experiences and ultimately, how they perceived the world.

The patterns also highlighted how the symptomatic problems clients presented with kept stemming from the same 5 core issues. This wasn’t in just 1 or 2 clients, but hundreds.

With this in mind, Nick started building a therapeutic framework based on the methodology of the “5 Fundamental Principles” as he called them, creating 3 programs that varied in length but all used the same methodology.

2 main barriers to clients getting help also became apparent:

  1. They were tired of telling the same story to therapists, and
  2. They were cynical to some degree because there was no timeframe on how long or how many sessions they would need


In 2018, Nick decided to start working in a more proactive manner so changed his business model and rebranded as ‘MyndFit’.

The purpose of MyndFit was to shift away from traditional therapy and move into a more educational system, teaching clients the tools, resources strategies required to create and maintain happiness and health.

With this new approach, Nick created a new purpose, and helping clients learn to take responsibility for their happiness because the focus. The reason for this was that Nick found what he considered to be a lot of ‘unnecessary suffering’ happening so it made sense to him to start there.

Nick no longer wanted to simply “talk” about peoples problems and help them to cope with whatever life was putting before them…he now wanted to create a shift in the way they approached life. It was going to take much more effort, but it was important to him to start working more with the client than for them as he felt this was disempowering them.


After launching MyndFit, a new type of client started knocking on the door, one more looking at “personal development” rather than just therapy. Although these clients did need help to overcome past experiences, they were doing so because they wanted to break old habits and patterns in order to create a new normal. They wanted to evolve.

At the same time as MyndFit was being launched, a partnership with Queensland based social enterprise TradeMutt was formed.

Daniel Allen and his mate Ed Ross were a couple of carpenters in Brisbane who had lost a mutual friend to suicide, so they decided to create a purpose for the loss. The guys launched TradeMutt with the purpose of getting guys in the trade industry to start conversations around mens mental health, something very close to Nicks heart.

Nick spoke to Dan and Ed about doing more than just creating awareness of how many men were taking their lives, and how they had a great opportunity to effect real change.

Soon enough TradeMutt were creating awareness through their loud work shirts and MyndFit was bringing the tools a lot of the tradies were missing. The boys hit the road and started speaking at functions, trade colleges and to businesses in the trade industry about how there was now an alternative to suicide.

As a result, Nicks client base started shifting to the point where more men than women were coming through the door. Although he still worked with women, Nick was now seen to specialise in helping men around the age of 40 to find a healthier balance and to become better within themselves so they could be better in all the roles they played in life.


In between State of Mind and MyndFit, Nick took some time out to get himself in the best mental and physical shape he could so went and lived in Hua Hin, Thailand for 2 months. Before going, a client suggested that he get in touch with Chiva Som, a world leading luxury health resort that they go to in Hua Hin.

Nick met with management whilst on holidays and they invited him to work there periodically throughout the year as an international visiting practitioner, his role being to assist guests in improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Guests from all over the world took to Nick’s relaxed and relatable approach, so much so that many requested to continue working with him after they returned home. Nick was already seeing clients all over Australia via Skype so it didn’t take much for him to expand to a global audience.

Nick now balances his time between seeing clients in private practice (in person and via Skype), presenting at functions and events, facilitating workshops and travelling to work in Thailand a few times each year.

To enquire about having Nick as a guest speaker at you event, please use the contact form below.

Tactical Zen Combat Systems

Tactical Zen Combat Systems is located in Altona/Seaholme, Victoria Australia.
We provide a welcoming environment for experienced and new students.

Tactical Zen delivers instruction and training in Traditional TaeKwonDo, Arnis (Filipino stick & knife combatives) & Urban Self Defence / Combatives (Reality Based Self Defence).

Blind Tiger Yoga

Blind Tiger Yoga; Australian Veteran owned, Veteran operated business. Providing Yin Yoga and meditation to Veterans and First Responders.

Blind Tiger Yoga: As an ex-member of the Tiger Battalion, the blindfold represents taking the practice within to sharpen the other senses whilst practicing Yin Yoga.

Tristan has been practicing Yin Yoga for over 6 years and has used Yin to overcome physical and mental injuries. Offering classes to the Current, ex-serving community and first responders, as a compliment to physical, mental injuries and stress.

Blind Tiger Yoga is located in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Food & Beverages

Aussie Veteran Coffee Co

Aussie Veterans Coffee Co is a business of Aussie Veterans Pty Ltd and its profits help keep this site running. Our business is ran by advocates and welfare officers with the goal of providing employment opportunities for our most injured and ill veterans and their families.

The role our advocates play is being able to manage our staff on and off incapacity payments depending on the needs of the veterans we employ.

Not only do we provide employment for Veterans and their families we also have community projects we will be releasing that will benefit our whole community. So please keep an eye out for our future releases regarding our community projects.

Our mission at Aussie Veterans Coffee Co is to supply great tasting coffees, premium teas and hot chocolates and our profits are reinvested to further support Veteran employment and social programs for our veterans and their families.

We have just opened our first coffee and tea shop in Boronia, Victoria. You can find us on weekends at different markets selling our huge range of coffee, teas, hot chocolates and our award winning chai.

We recently won a 2 Bronze medals for our coffee blends in 2019. 1 Silver and 2 bronze medals for our hand blended chai’s in the 2019 Golden Leaf Awards for our Two little ladies Masala chai, which was designed and hand blended by Veterans.

If you are a business that may be interested in stocking our products and doing your bit for veteran employment, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We also sell wholesale and provide a white labeling service for those that are looking to get into the coffee and tea industry with their own brand.

Wild Timor Coffee Co

Wild Timor Coffee was founded in 2012 by Shannon, Cameron, Tom P and Tom M.

Soldiers in the Australian Army, they were deployed to Timor-Leste with their comrades as peacekeepers to help with stabilisation in the troubled times of that era.

 The boys developed friendships with the village people in their area, and were indignant at the poor treatment they received- especially exploitation at the hands of coffee brokers, who offered far less than was fair for an excellent product.

Wild Timor Coffee was formed as a means of buying the coffee at a good price. The green coffee bean was duly paid for and shipped to Australian shores. With the amazing support of friends and strangers alike, we established our brand in Melbourne and opened our first café- Wild Timor Coffee Coburg.

 We continue to buy green coffee bean from our Timorese brothers and sisters each harvest we attend.  We offer them a fair price- usually determined by matching and raising the price of other buyers. We then bring it back to Melbourne where it is roasted and sold to our amazing customers. We’re so grateful for our customers. We buy our green coffee bean on faith, trusting in the support of those who believe in our dream to get us through to the next harvest.


Veterans in Construction

How did Veterans in Construction get started

Over a coffee in early 2018, Dan Cairnes and Dave Farrell spoke about starting Veterans in Construction. Very quickly they realised they shared the same values and motivation to help others, so a handshake sealed the deal.

Why Veterans in Construction was started…

Veterans in Construction was started for one reason, “to help our ADF brothers and sisters secure a great job in the civilian sector”. We understand what attributes a veteran brings, and we know they will thrive in the construction industry


Secure veterans a pathway in to the civil construction industry.


To be the #1 civil construction workforce of choice, assist veterans, look out for each other, and work towards a healthier tomorrow.

Clothing, Design & Household Items

Kill Kapture


Neither do we.

Designed by special operators, hand-made in New York City, I brought a little piece of the war home.

You’re not like them – we know.

This for you.

“I grew up in the west Aussie desert, but found my purpose in the military. Special ops bought the dedication to excellence, training and discipline that I loved. The best teams, skills and missions on Earth.

After 16 years in the army I came home, in search of a new mission.

In the new search for meaning – I created Kill_Kapture. Somehow Madison Avenue forgot to talk to real men.” – Mark Wales, Founder

So we built a new uniform, for men who refuse to hide what they truly are. It’s mean, streamlined and fast.

Tough Luxury is here.

Join us.

Lens Woodworx

We now have much of our range of timber products up on the page and are now commencing to put a huge range of available timber up onto the website. As so many of our timbers are unique we will have individual images up of them but many of these will go quite quickly and we will endeavor to remove them from the site as soon as sold. 

Most items on our site are one of a kind. While we endeavour to remove them as quickly as possible, please check to see if an item is currently available.

We will also be placing up a gallery of some of the jobs we do be they restorations or custom builds to show some of the works we do.

We are a firm believer in making use of reclaimed resources. Many of the timbers that we make items from have a previous life; pieces of bridges, old houses, churches, piers, pubs. These timbers have history and we love to preserve this history and that’s why we try to find the story behind much of the timber we use. Sometimes timber comes our way and we have no idea what to do with it but would rather have it than let it be destroyed or worse go to landfill.

If you would like something made from some of our timbers or would like to purchase or view timbers, do not hesitate to contact us either via email, Facebook or Instagram

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

The Team at Len’s Woodworx

Security & Tactical


On Point Security & Investigation Pty Ltd (OPSI) is an Australian owned and operated security and risk management firm based in Melbourne, Victoria. As an independent Security and Investigation Company, our primary aim is to bring excellence to an industry that has for too long accepted mediocrity. In a world that is changing rapidly, becoming increasingly dangerous and unstable for us all, we believe your staff and family have a right to feel safe. Our goal is to provide the services required to make that happen, with as little disruption to your business and way of life as possible.

Our management team and staff are experienced, highly trained and fully licensed in their field. We deliver services to our clients as per your requirements, with an elevated level of commitment, professionalism, and responsibility to go above and beyond your expectations. Our Background We are proud members of both the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) and ASIS International (Victorian Chapter) while our management team boast membership with the Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) as well membership with the Australian Tactical Medical Assocation (ATMA).

Brendon Purdom is the Director of On Point Security & Investigations. Brendon has more than 25 years of experience in the security, risk management and training industries, commencing with a stint in the Royal Australian Army which saw him spend time as both a Rifleman and Medic. Once in the private sector, Brendon quickly established himself as a highly sought-after professional, operating at a high level in roles including close personal protection, crowd control, armed guarding and private investigations. Brendon created OPSI in 2016 and is committed to the reform and improvement of the Australian Private Security Industry.


Platypus is now in our 31st year and going stronger than ever. From
Humble beginnings through a vision, slowly building over the years we now have a great range of products and capabilities to support all needs of the Soldiers and Law Enforcement Officers, those guys that are on the front line whilst we are safe in our homes.

Thanks to you guys, without you we have nothing.

My thanks to all the Team here in sales, design and development, accounts and
Production, working together to get World Class Tactical Nylon, Cold Weather, Flame Retardant products and all the best Gear imaginable.
You guys make up Platypus.

In the mid 80s I had a vision for where I wanted to take Platypus, I had Very little money so it was a step by step approach, to source the best Products from the USA and UK and design improved products with local
Manufacturers, slowly the range emerged through trial and error, with assistance from customers and friends we endeavoured to get it right.

Nearly 32 years later we have a range of unique Australian designed and specific products that the best in the world buy and use. Through the PLATATAC tm label we design, innovate and create the best gear [ at the best prices] to and Fill the needs of Operators of all types.

With all the other brands and products we represent from the US, UK , Sweden, Germany, Israel we have the most comprehensive product range in our industry in Australia.

WE ARE PROUD AUSSIES and proud of what we do and even prouder of who we serve.

Approved ADF Supplier, Australia Made and Owned certification, ISO 9000, NTOA approved items, Ethical clothing Australia accreditation.

SORD Australia

Special Operations Research and Development (SORD) was started in 2004 to provide highly functional and durable tactical gear for Australian Special Forces. 

What differentiates SORD is our people have special forces and infantry backgrounds. Having served multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, we understand what the man on the ground needs and expects.

SORD produces industry leading, state of the art tactical gear in the form of tactical nylon accessories and military clothing all available from our online store.  

Using the highest quality materials combined with obsessive attention to detail we produce everything from shooting mats to chest rigs and agile belts. Our gear is sought after by Special Forces, para-military, CT/Hostage Rescue, law enforcement and emergency rescue officers worldwide.


Business & Consulting


Anywise is a boutique consulting firm based in Melbourne that does things a little differently to the average multinational.

We have successfully:

  • Created an ethical and sustainable business model
  • Delivered real value to clients, the community and the planet
  • Become a Certified B-Corporation
  • Continued to donate profits to philanthropic pursuits
  • Maintained  the best practice flexible and remote arrangements
  • Become Flex Able certified for all staff and suppliers

Following successful military careers, Adam Evans and Meaghan Barry launched Anywise in 2014. Barry has been involved in many large-scale Australian humanitarian responses, both domestically and overseas. Evans has held executive positions in large corporations working on projects for the Australian Defence Industry.

Evans was dissatisfied with how multinational companies operated so he decided to start a small consulting firm that could be as professional, innovative and more agile than large global corporations. The name ‘Anywise’ reflects the way we deal with our clients – we deploy all available resources and the expertise of our team to deliver the best results to our clients. Once we commit to the success of a project, we are all in. This level of commitment doesn’t always mean the path is easy, it can produce some robust discussion and negotiation, but it does provide the very best results.

In 2018, Anywise became a Certified B-Corporation. We believe that at our core, we can be a force for good. Anywise invests in its people, so we support causes that align with the passion of our employees.