Here are some Ex service organisations located in Victoria that can help. Click on the photos below and they will take you to the respected organisations that are able to assist you.

Integra Service Dogs Australia

ISDA was founded in 2016 to deliver the vision established by Ken Lloyd, which is to provide excellent service dogs to Veterans and First Responders who have served our country.

Ken has performed exceptional service to our nation, at the highest level, for many decades in multiple theatres of operation; he holds an OAM in recognition of his life-long service in the ADF. He aspires to provide a high quality, low cost service dog to veterans suffering from PTSD to help them manage their symptoms and hyper-vigilence.

ISDA provides Labrador dogs to eligible veterans and First Responders at virtually no cost. It can only continue this important work with your funding and support as ISDA is a not-for profit organisation that presently receives no Government funding. These marvellous Labrador dogs can help veterans and First Responders to reduce periods of hospitalisation, reduce medication levels, help individuals rebuild trust and relationships, and reconnect with family, friends and the community.

Ken’s vision is that the terrific dogs provided by ISDA will assist those who have given so much to the service of their country to re-connect with their families, save lives by preventing suicide (in combination with other recognised therapies) and provide a longer term pathway for training, skill development and employment.

ISDA is developing an evaluation framework for the program in partnership with the Black Dog Institute and the University of NSW to ensure that there is a credible and independent evidence base of the medium and longer term outcomes of the program for participants.

ISDA has already worked with ADF Veterans and Ex-Servicemen’s Organisations (ESO) to place more than 26 Labrador dogs with veterans and First Responders in 5 states/territories.

100% of all donations to ISDA from the public go directly to supporting Handlers (veterans/First Responders) and our dogs – we can assure you that no funds donated by you go to administration or hidden costs for the organisation. All of ISDA’s staff work as volunteers, freely giving of their time and expertise.

ISDA will keep updating our successes as we move forward.

The Path Of The Horse We Are
The Path of the Horse is a Registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. All proceeds to the Charity to support our clients, horses and operations.

Dean Mighell is the Founder, Director and a Practitioner. Dean trained with and is certified by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute as an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner and has also done trauma training and is currently studying at the Gestalt Institute of Australia.

Karyn Jones is a Director and a Practitioner. Karyn also trained with and is certified by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute as an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner.

The EPI Model is a holisitc Equine Psychotherapy and Experiential Learning model informed by *Common Factors Psychotherapy Research Outcomes *Contemporary Trauma practice *Mindfulness *Gestalt Therapy *I-Thou Horsemanship and *The Way of the Horse.

Our Board is made up of volunteer Directors committed to the Charity and good governance. We are greatly assisted by a dedicated group of Volunteers, Veterans and locals.

Horses helping us heal
At the Path of the Horse we aim to assist people of all ages and from all walks of life who seek better mental health and well-being. Our work is a powerful, effective and empathetic approach that assists our clients make positive change.

We help people become more self-aware about themselves which will enable them to make clearer choices about their lives. Through bringing about ‘awareness’, we work on ways to help heal, manage, build resilience, enjoy better relationships, and maintain better mental health. We welcome people just the way they are along with all their feelings and emotions.

We proudly support veterans, emergency service personnel and their families and others better manage conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. We help young people discover coping mechanisms and assist them to understand their feelings and make aware choices. We work with people with Autism, those battling addictions, self-harm, grief and many other conditions.

​Why Horses?
Horses model some wonderful behaviours for us to follow when we learn to listen and walk their path. Horses live in a constant state of awareness that has enabled them to survive for millions of years. They always notice what is happening in their environment, what is happening with their feelings and their bodies.

Horses have an amazing ability to release stress and a truly unique capacity to share their empathy with humans. They never judge, they are completely honest and are our much-loved assistants in the healing process. They are great listeners too.

No previous horse experience is required, just an open mind and a willingness to encounter a new way of allowing yourself to feel. You may be invited to meet the whole herd, take time groom one, participate in controlled lead work, perhaps a mounted experience or just share space with one of the herd that you feel drawn to.


The APPVA provides assistance to veterans and their families through a number of approaches, but particularly with assistance through the Safety Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA – aka “COMCARE); The Veteran’s Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA); and The Military Rehabilitation & Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA). Other assistance through welfare is also provided on as needed basis.

Formed on 24th October 1997 (United Nations Day) in Brisbane. To promote camaraderie worldwide with those who have served on Peacekeeping Operations since 14th September 1947, warllike Operations since March 1989 (UNTAG Namibia), to the current; Humanitarian Operations; Services Protected/Assisted Evacuations; Police Peacekeepers; Defence Force service or, have served in military and police operations sanctioned by the Australian Government. This includes members of allied countries who have operated alongside the Aussies.
The APPVA also provides Advocacy services and specialises in Multiple-Eligiblity Compensation Entitlements in a wide range of Legislative Acts including COMSUPER (DFRDB and/or MSBS).

Australia’s proud peacekeeping and peacemaking (enforcement) involvement commenced in Indonesia on 14 September 1947, with four Australian Military officers becoming the first UN peacekeepers in the world by deploying to the United Nations Good Offices Commission in Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). It has since involved the contribution of over 66,000 veterans, who have participated in 73 Operations to 64 different countries non-stop up to the present day with Iraq, Middle East, Afghanistan, Africa and the Solomon Islands.

The roles recognised by our association include Warlike and Non-Warlike Operations or Peacekeeping Service; including Peacekeeping Operations (PKO), Peacemaking (Enforcement or conflicts), United Nations Contingents, Military Observers, Truce Supervision, Emergency Forces, Special Commissions, Humanitarian Aid, Monitoring Forces, Demining Teams and Training Teams – and any other Australian Defence Force (ADF) Operations, including ADF Peacetime service.

Since 1975 (post Vietnam War), Australia has sent thousands of troops and police to War Service around the world. Most recent and better known operations being the International Force in East Timor (INTERFET) Oct 1999 – Feb 2000; The International Coalition Against Terror (ICAT) in Afghanistan 2002; The War in IRAQ 2003 – Present; and again deployment of Special Operations Task Forces to Afghanistan in 2005 – present. The term “Peacemaking”, colloquially, in the terms of the APPVA means those ADF members who have served on Warlike Service since 1975. Although under the auspices of the United Nations Charter, “Peacemaking” is a function of diplomatic process, prior to the agreement of the UN Security Council Resolution and prior to the deployment of a Peacekeeping Force (PKF) to a designated mission.

Veterans In Construction

Veterans in Construction understand the challenges faced by veterans during the transition from military to civilian life. We also understand that all veterans have many ‘non tangible skills’ such as Teamwork, Mission Focus, Integrity, Loyalty, Initiative, and Adaptability amongst others.We value these skill sets and promote them to the construction industry on a daily basis.

Every worker we have employed thoroughly enjoys their work as do the worksite superintendents who constantly report to us just how good veterans are at completing any task with minimal fuss.

Carry On Victoria

In 1932, a group of returned servicemen met to form a club that would help Ex-Servicemen and Women from World War One (and their families), who needed practical support. One of those men was Carry On (Victoria)’s founder, Bill Hawkins, who was an officer of the 1st World War when he saw that some of the men that he had commanded were doing it tough. Bill wanted to provide support for these men whether it be by providing a helping hand, a load of firewood, a basket of groceries or just a friendly chat was often enough.  

The group outlined a set of objectives that were precise and clear and, as outlined by Bill Hawkins, took a humanitarian approach to problems that arose from the trauma and displacement many veterans experienced. Through the establishment of the club, an all-important camaraderie among members could be sustained and the idea of Lest We Forget, put into practical effect for more than just one or two days each year. Carry On (Victoria) would help with and contribute to worthy causes when possible, maintain a unity of purpose without politics, and function with a clear-cut financial structure, that had no cumbersome administration.

This small group of servicemen, led by Bill Hawkins, were determined to help the many veterans and their families doing it tough after returning home from service. Little did they know just how much their help would be needed, as yet another war broke out. During the Second World War Carry On (Victoria) was active in its local communities, raising funds and assisting in the war effort with various programs including appeals for bombing victims in Britain and Greece.

There have been many notable activities throughout Carry On (Victoria)’s History. The opening of the Hurlingham Boys home in 1945, provided support over a twenty-year period for around 120 boys, who were the troubled sons of Ex-Servicemen and Women. The establishment of Tracy Dutton House in the mid to late 60’s, provided much needed temporary care and schooling for the children of Ex-Servicemen and Women on an as-need basis. The Ladies Auxiliary was created in 1966 and over its 30 years of service, raised over $35,000 for Carry On (Victoria). Today Carry On (Victoria) is able to invest in future generations of its community, through initiatives like the Jim Eilenberg scholarship, which was launched in 1991 to cover textbooks and student fees, for tertiary students who are the children of Ex-Servicemen and Women.

Since opening its first regional branch in Mildura in 1934, Carry on (Victoria) has opened 5 more branches across regional Victoria including, Ballarat, Bendigo, Dandenong, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula, which are all still operating today.

Almost ninety years later, our commitment to humanitarian support, practical help and friendship continue. Today, the need for our services is greater than ever. We help Ex-Servicemen and Women, and their families, get help where they need it most: housing, advocacy, education, relief, and financial support. Many who have served our country with distinction find it difficult to adjust to civilian life without support from the government or other welfare agencies. That’s where we step in.

RSL Victoria

The RSL is an independent, apolitical organisation run by members, for members primarily to assist current and former service men and women and their dependants when in need, whether they’re RSL members or not.

We have a national branch in Canberra, state branches across the country, and almost 300 Sub Branches in Victoria alone. Some of those are big, bustling entertainment complexes and some are small groups of dedicated volunteers. Either way, the mandate is the same; to assist current and former members of the ADF and their dependants when in need.

Each RSL organisation is run by elected committees and office bearers at the Sub Branch, state and national levels. We run two annual fundraising appeals – the ANZAC Appeal leading up the 25 April, and the Poppy Appeal leading up to Remembrance Day on 11 November.

The RSL was originally set up in 1916 to assist soldiers and sailors returning from WW1. Our mandate has remained essentially unchanged since those early days. Of course, assisting veterans and those currently serving remains our primary objective but today, we also assist many in need across Victorian communities.

Veterans MC VIC

On the 20th October 2013, the first member of the Veterans Motorcycle Club – Victoria Chapter was patched in by the club’s legacy chapter, the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club – Melbourne Chapter.

The VMC are proud to carry on the legacy that has been forged into the biker community by the VVMC and hope to hold the patch with the high esteem that it deserves.

Our patch, affectionately known as ‘Casper’ represents the operational military service that each and every one of our members has endured, depicted by the slouch hat; and each and every fallen comrade from all conflicts that Australia has been a part, depicted by the skull.

With chapters in every state of Australia, we live by the code forged by our VVMC brothers, ‘Together Forever’

Veterans Forever, Forever Veterans ‘VFFV’


The Nexus concept is an exciting new approach to transition to engage with the new generation of Veterans.

It is a combination of traditional hobbies or sports day activities. There will also be education on psycho-social concepts and opportunities to connect that can make such a difference to veterans.

It’s not about the hard graft of making something of your life: its about activities, mate-ship and having fun.

An element of the program is the opportunity to make an economic difference to Veterans and their families.

Nexus will achieve this through business development programs aimed at budding entrepreneurs.  A think tank, incubator and mentor program for budding entrepreneurs. This has the potential to truly change lives.

Blind Tiger Yoga

Blind Tiger Yoga; Australian Veteran owned, Veteran operated business. Providing Yin Yoga and meditation to Veterans and First Responders.

Blind Tiger Yoga: As an ex-member of the Tiger Battalion, the blindfold represents taking the practice within to sharpen the other senses whilst practicing Yin Yoga.

Tristan has been practicing Yin Yoga for over 6 years and has used Yin to overcome physical and mental injuries. Offering classes to the Current, ex-serving community and first responders, as a compliment to physical, mental injuries and stress.

Blind Tiger Yoga is located in Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Goorambat Veterans Retreat

Advocacy Advice & Appointments re Injury, Compensation and Transition from the ADF

Ph: (03) 5764 1468 – Email:

Well-being Matters including Housing and Financial Relief

Ph: (03) 5764 1468 – Email:

Staying over with your Caravan or Camping Gear?

Ph: (03) 5764 1468 – Email:

The Retreat here at Goorambat welcomes all serving and ex-serving Veterans of the Australian Defence Forces, their families and Carers. Drop by for a day or stay a week, we offer a great location to base yourselves whilst you take that all important respite.

Our highly qualified Volunteer Advocates are on call to assist you with any matters that you feel may be impacting on your health and well-being, and it maybe more than a just tree-change you need in the moment. We understand that life can throw you a curved ball, be it financial or family pressures, or even homelessness.

We can work with you in overcoming these challenges.Another big part of your journey following any military service is the Mental and Physical Injuries that can follow anyone of us out the door. Our Advocates can give you advice and help guide you through the process necessary to have your injuries accepted by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and getting the required treatment and compensation.

Cockatoo Rise War Veterans Retreat

Greg Carter ex Vietnam veteran 6 RAR, welcomes ex and serving defence personnel and their partners to  his Retreat situated between Port Fairy & Hamilton in Victoria’s Western District.

With great views, a relaxed atmosphere,  close proximity to the Grampian ranges and Mt Eccles, beaches, great fishing and wonderful touring, Cockatoo Rise is a great place to spend some time.

The retreat’s 156 year old hotel, the 3rd oldest in Victoria, provides a unique atmosphere, to enjoy a beer in the retreats private bar (not open to the public) and a camp fire outside.

Due to the unique nature of Cockatoo Rise, bookings are essential. We regret that we are unable to cater for children and pets.