Below is a list of Veteran and Veteran family owned and operated businesses that are online and their products are available nationally. Click on the logos and check out their websites.

Australian Warfighters Coffee

Our project is this, we want to sell a top quality coffee to the public in the return of raising money to put our Veterans or their families through Barista training. We all know the power of Coffee and how sharing a cup can relax the body and mind.

Well we decided that we want to do further and help our Veterans and families by providing training in Barista roles.

Our Major project is to get the Coffee out to as many shops and houses so we can hopefully get some Veterans and Families running their own Coffee Vans. This way those really finding it hard to work can run a small business themselves and work only when they wish to, or need to. It could be a family run setup or just a couple of mates it is up to them.
We hope you can support us in the project and hope to share a brew or two with you.

Scorpion Projects


Situation: Australia has ridiculously high costs for Military and Law Enforcement equipment. 

Mission: As a veteran operated business, we want to bring Australia’s Military, Law Enforcement personnel and Outdoor enthusiasts quality kit at an affordable price, and to help promote awareness for veterans and give back to the veteran community.

Execution: At Scorpion Projects we have sourced our shit from all over the globe. We have done considerable research into the market of the current trends and changes within the Defence and Law Enforcement communities. As such, we have tailored our pricing to suit and most of all, we have the ability to give it you at a cheaper price than most.  We are always updating our inventory as needed. 

To execute the awareness of PTSD, depression, homelessness etc for veterans, we have teamed up with organisations who specialise in these areas. We have offer coffee in partnership with Australian Warfighters, who give back to the veterans community every time a bag of coffee or cap is sold.

Atts and Dets: Australian Warfighters, Delta Echo Apparel, Premier Defence Agencies, Max Force Tactical, 3 Elements Coffee. All veteran owned Australian businesses.

Comms: Refer to our Contact Us page if you have any further questions, queries or doubtful points.

You like that? A bastardised SMEAC to you military folk. Thank you for the read and enjoy your time in the sun…Scorpion Projects OUT!

Jericho Australia

Jericho Australia was created as a solution to a problem.

As I grew up and grew facial hair I realised that shaving all the time caused my face a lot of irritation. I decided that growing a beard was the best option for me. Although, sporting an awesome beard has its benefits, I discovered it was not without it’s downfalls.

I’ve struggled with skin irritation, itchiness and obvious dry flakes to name a few. When my partner suggested I incorporate oils into my daily routine to help combat the issues I was having, I got to see first hand how much improvement I was able to get using this method.We started playing around with using a few different oils, it was after this I discovered that when using a combination of oils I was able to reap the most benefits. The skin underneath my beard was calm instead of inflamed, the dry flakes were gone and I was no longer feeling itchy all the time. This allowed me to have more confidence and less worries. Hakuna Matata.

After a lot of researching and learning about what works and what doesn’t, we were able to make our own. These products we could guarantee were up to our standards as well as create ideal scents without all the chemical overload nonsense (that can end up doing more harm than good). So there it is, the reason why we have made our very own products and we hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

Bonobo NUTS

Our Love for creating Beautifully flavoured Nuts

It is our passion to create the best Caramelised nuts possible using fresh Australian produce. All the flavours are made by hand using a recipe that is over a 100 years old. I believe this brings a authenticity that is unparalleled and will serve as a special treat for generations to come. Please enjoy the caramelised goodness as these are ‘Made for Lovin’.

Belligerent Digger

Our Story

BD grew from screen printing gym singlets in the backyard for Army mates, to the PT wear range currently on offer. Belligerent Digger is run by a former member of the Royal Australian Regiment and is aimed towards military members who want decent quality garments for under shirts; PT and gym wear; and custom unit shirts. We do our best to make garments that are within the limits and spirit of the ADM and will be acceptable for wear at work.

Belligerent Digger

The angry digger in the battalion who gets shat on, but keeps on soldiering. In spite of the pineapples, they still want to do the job. Embracing the pineapple is a positive trait and just shows the grit of the Aussie Digger.

Back Country Resin

Handcrafted resin and timber

Australian made

Custom designs made to order, engraving also available

A couple bringing their love of mountains and woodwork together


Hi! We are Andrea and Chrissy, sisters and working mum’s from South Australia.

We had grown tired of cheap, short-lived plastic pegs that fade, weaken, and snap in your fingers while you’re hanging out the washing. As a product they didn’t seem suitable for our harsh Australian climate at all!

That’s how PEGZ was born. Quality, affordable, environmentally friendly pegs made from a single piece of wire so they can’t snap. We instantly fell in love with them and we know you will too!

As our little business grows, we are adding a carefully selected range of other zero waste laundry products to our catalogue.

Eco Wellness Australia

We are Andrea and Chrissy, 2 sisters from Adelaide, South Australia and our mission is to help the planet and everyone who lives on it by reducing waste and improving wellbeing.

We are committed to your health as well as the health of the planet and we have carefully selected our products and suppliers ensuring that they align with our own beliefs and ethical standards.

As many of us are becoming more aware of our household waste and plastic use, we have been searching for reusable and compostable household products and items with low impact packaging. The packing materials we use for shipping orders are either recycled cardboard and paper or cornstarch based home-compostable satchels.

We are passionately cruelty-free and we stock many vegan friendly items. Wherever possible we prefer local suppliers and organic ingredients and we check all the ingredients in our personal care range carefully to ensure they are safe for your family and your home.


Small business that specialises in custom printing for clothing and custom labels

Brother Shave

uDesigned for active military, emergency services personnel and those who want to support them, Brother Shave is an innovative new subscription service that provides necessary shaving products at a huge cost savings—with a percentage of profits going to aid those suffering from physical wounds, PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

Of course, we men folk have to shave every day in order to maintain the required standard, right? The major razor companies are charging a premium for an everyday product that simply does not cost that much to manufacture.

By way of introduction, I am Anthony, the founder of Brother Shave. I am 28 years old and have served in the Australian Defence Force for the past nine years, with deployments to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Fiji and on border security. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with all three services whilst maintaining both command and training positions.

During this time, I have seen the stress and anxiety that comes from these operations—as well as the lasting impact that often comes following deployment. That is why I am an advocate for the mantra “It ain’t weak to speak,” while using my new business to support Soldier On, New Zealand Heroes Trust and Livin. Most important, while providing a means to purchase a necessity for a fraction of retailer pricing, I am using this platform to help remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

I hope you will join me in the close shave club in order to turn a requirement into a reason.

Sorted by Kath

Are you returning to work after maternity leave, looking at that next promotion, moving and need to find new employment or possibly a career change?

Or been job seeking and applying for jobs for a while with no response and lacking confidence?

My services are designed for people like you, who want to make employers take notice during the recruitment process and engage with them.

I’m passionate about helping you during this often stressful time and would love to create an impressive resume that you love and that will help you stand out from the rest of the pile and provide you with the confidence to put your best self forward.

I provide other services such as career and confidence coaching, creating/updating Seek and/or LinkedIn profiles, and addressing selection criteria, so please click link below for more information.

Beef Chief Jerky

The Beef Chief is all about small batch, REAL Beef Jerky made for the Australian belly with a mission to keep and deliver his home-made Beef Jerky style for all people to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

But how did Beef Chief come about? Being raised on a cattle farm our little boy beef chief had just begun to learn the trade inside out. As he matured into a wild young man so did his knowledge and love for quality top shelf beef. 

It was when The Beef Chief was in the thick of a 4 day scorching hot military exercise as part of an 8 man section he was tasked to set outpost on top of a hill. Trekking uphill with 40kg worth of weaponry, ammo, body armour and a full back pack quickly changed Queenslands “sunny state” nickname into something much more personal. 

Camp was finally set up by late afternoon, boots off and 40kg lighter with a cool breeze sweeping through the air the men began to settle in, even the sun began to rest. With forearm to forehead the Beef Chief wipes the last bit of sweat off his brow and begins to reach for his reward. Instead of his typical RAT pack he pulled out some store bought beef jerky ready to distribute amongst men. 

What should have felt like victory was quickly overrun by pure and utter disappointment as he pulls out soggy, flavourless baby food mush posing as Beef Jerky. 

If there was ever a moment in your life that smacked you right up the side of your head, this was it. 

That single experience sent The Beef Chief on his journey to redeeming how that moment should have been. 

While still in the military he would begin trialing different sauces, marinades, cooking times and techniques with the very same men he was on top of that hill and was soon given the name of “The Beef Chief” which he wore with pride. 

With every bag of The Original Beef chief Premium Beef Jerky there’s a mouthful of Australian made grit, forged in tough times. 

So go on, take your boots off and dig in.

Skilled Athlete

What do we actually do?

We do Strength & Conditioning through our App, Custom Tailored Meal Plans, Apparel and anything cool we can get our hands on.

We provide a selection of the very best quality products, because we understand that jazzy pictures & cool digital promotions just don’t cut the mustard. Our priority is to do the basics extremely well. Quality & Service above all else.  

We pay it forward. 

We have dedicated Memorial products and services and we use that for good causes. You get something shiny, someone else gets something necessary. Everyone wins.

Part of our business model is to pay it forward. We use our exposure as a business to raise funds and awareness for Australians.

From cold hard cash donations to worthy causes, free coaching and mentoring to hooking people up with the help or contacts they need. Between the team we carry a wide range of knowledge and networks gained from professional insight.

Our aim here is quite simple, we strongly believe in paying it forward and if we can encourage others to join us, we’re winning. We care about our community of veterans, young and old, and help out where we can. Every product sold under the Memorial page is used to raise funds solely for good causes. This means we donate 100% of every single dollar we make from these products towards that good cause. They are a complete standalone to our “normal” product range.

Most importantly, we use our past & present contacts and experience to vet which organisations, causes or individuals to donate to. Anyone with some military or police experience knows that not all charities are as charitable as they claim. We aim to provide legitimate causes with our time, effort and money raised. With your assistance. 

We carry our heritage with pride which is why you’ll see the Australian flag flying proudly on our products, we’re here to distinguish ourselves from the international market.

Gunslinger Longboards

Gunslinger Longboards Australia was co-develped in a colloboration between mates in Australia and South Africa . Today Gunslinger Longboards offers one of the largest selections of Longboard Skateboards in the world.

Our Bamboo and Maple boards are manufactured to the highest quality and we continuously strive to improve them, providing an on-going world class product.

Choose from our range of either the cruiser, free-ride or downhill boards in sizes from 33” to 48”. All Gunslinger set up’s come standard with Gunslinger bearings, Gunslinger Trucks and your choice of Gunslinger Wheels.

Codeys Art

Codey began his career in illustration and 3D animation within the gaming industry. As an artist and illustrator, he has produced artworks across the world and is internationally recognised. Codey regularly donates his comic strips to the humour section of the Australian Army newspaper. He uses many different mediums, such as clay, acrylics, resin and conventional pencil and charcoal. I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style.

Hug a Hero

I’m Andi, and I want to share with you the story of why I created Hug a Hero and the importance of having the comfort of a cuddle…This all came about because I am lucky to know a very special young lady whose Dad is in the military.

Like many kids with a parent in defence (and many other professions), she has to say “see you later” to her Dad from time to time. Anyone who’s been in a long distance relationship or with a family member / spouse who works away will know how hard it is to say goodbye, and the missing of the loved one after they leave; am I right?I knew I was able to create something to bring a little bit of comfort to this special young lady; a way she would still have the comfort of a cuddle with her Dad even when they weren’t together.

So I crafted (what is now known as) an “At ease” cuddle cushion from one of her Dad’s old work shirts. Both little Miss and her Dad absolutely loved the comfort and connection of the cuddle cushion, and it was then I realised there are many children, spouses, and family members who would benefit from the comfort of a cuddle cushion.I absolutely love what I do because of the meaning attached to the pillows, and I am honoured to create beautiful cuddle cushions and display cushions for Aussie heroes.

First Strike Promotions

I grew up in a military family, with my dad serving in both the British and New Zealand Armies before settling in Australia. I joined the army in 1996 as a reservist but before long was bitten by the green bug and transferred to ARA in 2000.

During my time I was deployed multiple times throughout the Middle East, Solomon Islands, and even got to float about on a navy boat off Christmas Island for a few months looking for boat people and enjoying the view from the Golden Bosun tavern. Unfortunately I was medically discharged in 2019.

Life is much quieter these days with my time spent gardening, raising our daughter and getting in the way of Martina running our small business. Knowing that we can do something to help those still serving or retired brings me a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of still being there for my mates regardless of what service they served in.

Kings Corporal

The purpose of bringing military design to stickers is the celebration and the commemoration of our service, and their service. Military stickers are a proud way of displaying our veteran belonging and our service everyday.

Stickers have brought friends, family, and fellow veterans together on the road spotting them on the back of our vehicles all across Australia. Our stickers bring pride, memories, laughs, and most of all – veterans together.

Created by the team at Spadix Print & Design; King’s Corporal is the new home for our custom military sticker service. We are iconic for our growing range of the online Military Sticker Shop as well as our unique service of Personalised Ribbon Stickers. We do all international service military awards as well as State and Federal awards.

We also provide personalised ribbon stickers of your family members serving in past conflicts. We have no minimal order through to bulk sticker requests. 

Wild Timor Coffee Co

Wild Timor Coffee was founded in 2012 by Shannon, Cameron, Tom P and Tom M.

Soldiers in the Australian Army, they were deployed to Timor-Leste with their comrades as peacekeepers to help with stabilisation in the troubled times of that era.

 The boys developed friendships with the village people in their area, and were indignant at the poor treatment they received- especially exploitation at the hands of coffee brokers, who offered far less than was fair for an excellent product.

Wild Timor Coffee was formed as a means of buying the coffee at a good price. The green coffee bean was duly paid for and shipped to Australian shores. With the amazing support of friends and strangers alike, we established our brand in Melbourne and opened our first café- Wild Timor Coffee Coburg.

 We continue to buy green coffee bean from our Timorese brothers and sisters each harvest we attend.  We offer them a fair price- usually determined by matching and raising the price of other buyers. We then bring it back to Melbourne where it is roasted and sold to our amazing customers. We’re so grateful for our customers. We buy our green coffee bean on faith, trusting in the support of those who believe in our dream to get us through to the next harvest.

Aussie Veteran Coffee Co

Aussie Veterans Coffee Co is a business of Aussie Veterans Pty Ltd and its profits help keep this site running. Our business is ran by advocates and welfare officers with the goal of providing employment opportunities for our most injured and ill veterans and their families.

The role our advocates play is being able to manage our staff on and off incapacity payments depending on the needs of the veterans we employ.

Not only do we provide employment for Veterans and their families we also have community projects we will be releasing that will benefit our whole community. So please keep an eye out for our future releases regarding our community projects.

Our mission at Aussie Veterans Coffee Co is to supply great tasting coffees, premium teas and hot chocolates and our profits are reinvested to further support Veteran employment and social programs for our veterans and their families.

We have just opened our first coffee and tea shop in Boronia, Victoria. You can find us on weekends at different markets selling our huge range of coffee, teas, hot chocolates and our award winning chai.

We recently won a 2 Bronze medals for our coffee blends in 2019. 1 Silver and 2 bronze medals for our hand blended chai’s in the 2019 Golden Leaf Awards for our Two little ladies Masala chai, which was designed and hand blended by Veterans.

If you are a business that may be interested in stocking our products and doing your bit for veteran employment, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We also sell wholesale and provide a white labeling service for those that are looking to get into the coffee and tea industry with their own brand.

Ironside Coffee Co

Ironside Coffee Co is family run and is a registered Australian Veteran Owned Business.

We provide several coffee and tea solutions that include our mobile coffee van, Callsign Ironside 1, and a filter coffee point that would suit meetings and conferences. Where can you find us???The ICC Van can be found in it’s hide at the Majura Mountain Bike Car park located on Majura Road, Canberra (between the Majura Range and AFP Training Facility) between 0630 and 0900 Mon-Fri (and the occasional Sunday between 0730 and 1030).

If you would like to book the van for your workplace, festival or event, please email with the details and we will be more than happy to come out whenever we can.

SORD Australia

Special Operations Research and Development (SORD) was started in 2004 to provide highly functional and durable tactical gear for Australian Special Forces. 

What differentiates SORD is our people have special forces and infantry backgrounds. Having served multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, we understand what the man on the ground needs and expects.

SORD produces industry leading, state of the art tactical gear in the form of tactical nylon accessories and military clothing all available from our online store.  

Using the highest quality materials combined with obsessive attention to detail we produce everything from shooting mats to chest rigs and agile belts. Our gear is sought after by Special Forces, para-military, CT/Hostage Rescue, law enforcement and emergency rescue officers worldwide.

Shredded Warfare

About Us

Shredded Warfare is a Fitness Apparel brand designed in Sydney, Australia.

Shredded Warfare is owned and run by two brothers with Military and Police Backgrounds. Shredded Warfare aims to produce fitness apparel for those long and grueling workouts whilst at the same time being comfortable and complementing enough to wear relaxing and going about your everyday life.  

Our Mission

We have big plans for our company at Shredded Warfare, which include expanding on our product range and increasing in size to provide you with all the gear you need. We are committed to supporting our service men and women including emergency workers by providing discounts on our products and sponsoring sporting events.

Force Element Performance

1. Situation Weakness, complacency and mediocrity is an enemy that is constantly probing your position for points of venerability. It has entered your area of operations in order to disrupt you from your mission at hand. Day by day this insurgency becomes stronger as is has freedom of movement As of yet it hasn’t established a dominant presence but it’s forecast that any further delay in action will result in a untenable situation.

2. Mission Seek out and destroy the enemy in order to re-establish the balance of power required for you to stay mission focused. This is a no fail mission so anything less than total dominance is not an option.

3 . Execution This mission will be executed over multiple phases all culminating in decisive action against the enemy. You are this missions main effort and as such will be expected to meet this enemy head on. All phases of the full mission profile will be supported by Force Element Performance.

4. Support Force Element Performance will provide the necessary fire support, force multipliers and mission enablers and will be the main supporting effort in this mission.

5. Signals Should you need to establish communications with Force Element Performance you can do so via; | |

TacFit Solutions Australia

We are proudly 100% Australian Veteran Owned and Operated, and 100% built in Australia TFS Bring Australia’s first fully portable Military inspired strength and rehabilitation units to the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) and commercial fitness industry.We are also a certified Australian Veteran Owned Business (AVOB)Proudly we can say all out TFS units are 100% Manufactured right here in Australia on the Gold Coast using Australian Steel.

Our Motto is Built Not Imported. Our TacFit training units are custom fabricated shipping containers and steel boxes that are fully reinforced inside. This will allow the attachment of any Alphafit Cross-fit Rig configuration to the outside. If you can think it we can build it.

We also offer full custom branding and fit-out for any Military units or Sporting club who wants to separate themselves from the pack.

We also cater for the at home fitness enthusiast or Personal trainer who wants a high end heavy duty portable outdoor 1- Man unit, which can be setup quickly and packed as away when space is needed.

Our Delta 2.0 WODBOX unit is Australia’s most versatile portable strength units on the market, giving the trainer and client the ultimate tool to get strong fit and healthy anywhere anytime.

The Delta 2.0 & Recon 2.0 units set-up time is in under 8 minutes and no tools are required. Our Tacfit units are robust and versatile portable fitness facilities. All units come with a 10 year structural warranty, and 5 years on the Cross-fit Rig and attachments externally.

Contact us today for your no obligation quote, or to build your unit, or sporting club the ultimate strength training facility.

ARCED UP Clothing

As a veteran-owned business, we have a unique insight into the sacrifices and impact on families of those that have served our country and communities.

Our vision is to help promote and donate a percentage of profits to the wider charity groups that aid veterans, first responders, volunteers, and support groups.

We wish to thank the service of members past and present that fall under the following groups: Defence Force, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Emergency Dispatch, Nurses, Corrections, Security, Volunteer groups (SES, Rural Fire, Coast Guard, Surf Life Saving, etc)

Team Tooney Fishing

Team Tooney Fishing began in 2017 from a “light globe” moment whilst searching for a new and “different” fishing shirt. Originally, Team Tooney Fishing was created as a once off shirt design for the family. But the more we got out and about, the more we kept getting asked where people could get their own.

The digicam design was probably the easiest part of our shirt design. As an ex-soldier coming from a military family I wanted to create a design that was fresh, different and recognisable but, also paid homage to not only my family’s service but for all who have served in the Australian Defence Force.

The style of garments we choose to use are not only perfect for fishing, but also everything else we love to do such as camping, hiking, four wheel driving, shooting and mowing the lawns. Just to name a few.



Tactical Recovery

TR was born after a light bulb moment watching a Gerard Butler action movie.

A sentence we never thought would come out of our mouth. Stick with it though. With ADF members close to us, and knowing the environment all too well and seeing first hand the physical and mental strain – it was only fitting that we curated something that promoted some mental downtime, rest and recovery. The purpose being to close the gap around member mental health, and removing the stigma of just ‘hardening the f*ck up’ and pushing through injury, fatigue and strain. 

Magnesium for the longest time has always been turned to in times of muscle relaxation and repair and combining this for 20 minutes in a tub was only fitting. We’ll poke fun, we’ll be crass & we’ll push the boundaries; but we’ll always support our frontline men and women. 

Back to Gerard though.

After firstly wondering, how he all of a sudden got old – watching how aged, dreary and dead-set tired he looked whilst filming his action movie struck a chord. One that was  – all of us are getting old, dedicating time to careers and it shows. Gerard essentially gave us a kick in the nuts to get this party started. Weird. But true.

Our founder is not a veteran but is crazy, humble and doesn’t like to be in the spotlight. She’s got a sailors mouth, wicked sense of humour and has had family, grandparents and friends serve across all the forces. This was her baby, with an ethos of building brands that were profit for a purpose that gave back to communities and charities. Just a basic everyday human doing good sh*t in an obscure and hilarious way. Her partner is a current serving member of 15 years. His input? Total inappropriateness. Always. So between them both – she is the Chief of god damn fucking everything, and he and keeps us grounded (and lifts the heavy things).  You won’t see much of them on socials, doing interviews or even bragging about the brand.

They’re silent ninja’s and the brand isn’t about them – it’s about supporting members, veterans, first responders and humans on the front line around the globe.

Valhalla Tactical

Valhalla Tactical takes military-standard gear to the next level to make your missions easier. Our packs are designed to sit more comfortably on your shoulders, our pouches are more versatile, our clothing is stitched with the toughest threads and our sleeping gear is customised to climate.

We started Valhalla because we know what it’s like to carry 90L on your back and not have the right amount of support. We’ve felt what it’s like to be in freezing conditions with a sleeping bag that’s colder than your Sunday beer. We’ve experienced rough nights, gnarly days, long hikes and tiresome journeys.

We’ve lived the missions you’re about to embark on. We want to help you live them better

IQ Brew

We love to mix and match the many products mother earth has provided us to get the most out of our brains and our body, we’re also ex-Army, that basically means we have an addiction to coffee.

So when we we got sick of measuring multiple ingredients in our morning drinks to get the best out of our day, we set about to create an easy to transport, single serve sachet that would have everything we needed for a kickass morning brew.

We created this to allow you to get the best out of your coffee WHEREVER you are, in the Airport, At home, the Gym, walking Kokoda trail, ANYWHERE.

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