This Page has Veterans that have been there and done it. They have multiple deployments between them and have since transitioned out of the Australian Defence Force and have successfully made a career for them selves. They have a world of experience between them and are willing to help those out that are currently transitioning or considering a career change. Scroll through and have a look and see if anyone is able to help you out.


I served in the Royal Australian Regiment and seen active service in Afghanistan, I left the ADF in 2014 and since then I have had a range of jobs in the security and security management fields. This has ranged from working within the Immigration Networks to working Private Security in the Middle East. I have since taken a step back from all these roles to focus on my passion of helping the Veteran community.

I also have extensive knowledge with in the Veteran Community and my contacts list is endless. So if you are stuck and I cant help you I will find someone that can.


I Served 12 years in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) with the 5th/7th Royal Australian Regiment (RAR), 5RAR, School of Armour , 4/19 Prince of Whales Light Horse (PWLH) Regiment & finally 7 RAR.

I have deployed on active service to both Iraq and Afghanistan and also was at King lake for the 2009 bushfires. I was medically discharged from the ADF in 2017, Since then, due to my injuries, I have stepped into (up-to) the roll of being a stay at home dad and my wife has entered the workforce as our now primary earner.

I had a really rough transition from the ADF due to the lack of support from Soldiers Career Management Agency (SCMA), and in general, lack of knowledge about Commonwealth Super Corporation (CSC) & Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA). No faults on my chain of command, I just happened to be at one of the most operationally active RAR units at the time.

I still keep in contact with my previous Chain of command to offer guidance and share my experience with for those in my past unit at the rehab cell for medically discharging soldiers. Having suffered hard, of my own mental health issues, I’m standing here to help. what Wally has started here is an amazing initiative. Something I want to stand behind and use my experience and knowledge to assist those in need.


I served for just over 10 years in the Royal Australia Regiment, specifically 3RAR, 6RAR and 7RAR. I deployed on operations in East Timor 2008, Afghanistan 2010 & 2013 and Iraq in 2016. I loved my time in the military. It was an absolute honour to have served with some of the warriors I met throughout my journey and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have served my country on multiple operations.

I discharged at the end of 2016 and transitioned straight in to the real estate industry. I soon learned that no matter how well you think you did in your military career, it means very little on the outside and you have to earn your stripes all over again. I believe all veterans have it in them to achieve greatness but we have to be willing to work hard for it. I can offer advice and supports based off my own experiences and hopefully help motivate you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


I served in the ADF for nearly 5 years deploying to Afghanistan in that time. I left the ADF in 2014 embarking on a career in the fitness industry. I bought a gym within 3 months of discharging and this was a business mistake.

I have since learnt a lot about owning a business and have since sold the gym and now own a successful specialised nut business called Bonobo NUTS that sees me operating online and various market places throughout QLD

Throughout my time owning and operating my own businesses I have learnt many valuable lessons that I would love to pass onto those that would like to learn more

I believe I’ve gained some invaluable experience in this area so if anyone is thinking of going down the path of becoming a business owner I’d be happy to help and pass on what I have learnt.


I served 10 years with 7RAR finishing up as a corporal, during my time I served 2 deployments in Afghanistan, MRTF-1 as a mentor for the ANA and ATF1 as a section 2IC. I medically discharged in 2016, after aiding in running the rehabilitation platoon. I have been looking after diggers with injuries and helping then with the DVA and CSC process while at the same time assisting them find sustainable employment after they discharge. So I know what issues can occur when trying to sort your life out whilst not receiving the support you need while transitioning out of Defence.

After leaving Defence I struggled with gaining employment as living in SA didn’t offer everyone great opportunities unless you know someone in a certain industry. I found myself having to do Civil construction to pay for my house and kids schooling etc, as u don’t need a qualification to start there, just hard work ethic. Eventually my body broke down again and I am now back on the rehab train. But through the years of dealing with the pain, meeting new people in different industries and trades and I have made a lot of good mates just like in Defence and who can help in the transitional side of things. I have learnt a lot of lessons in my time, and wish I could start over. Since I can’t I would rather help someone else in similar situations.


I served with the 7th Royal Australian Regiment from 2010 till 2018, I deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 and also moved through a few company’s and support courses.

In 2017 I had a medical condition that was relatively uncommon and unknown to the MEC Board so I found myself waiting for over 12 month for an outcome, at that point they asked me to wait another 12 months so I opted for LWOP and did my PT course while on Leave.

Since then I have opened 3 F45 Training (Franchise) studios and I am continuing to educate myself in business and marketing. If anyone has considered opening their own business or investing in a franchise opportunity I can certainly lend an ear and help layout some numbers.


I Served with 7RAR, joining in 2008, deploying to Afghanistan in 2012 and discharged in 2016.

I am now working in the Real Estate sector. I have had some partial personal exposure to the DVA system post discharge but also seen several ex members go through the process so have good general knowledge on that front.

Overall, love a good beer and a punt and am always happy to chat and give any guidance on the transition process and what to look out for along the way.