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The Pineapple Express

The Pineapple Express is an Australian Veteran community, satirical meme page that advocate for Veterans mental health programs.

This Patreon page will be used to assist ADF members and their families going through rough times. It will also be used to pay for costs affiliated with establishing and legitimising The Pineapple Express and sourcing merchandise.

In return, a large percentage of the profits from the merchandise sold would then go to a selected charity chosen by our followers or to one of the example below. Merchandise would also be added to the tiers once up and running so Patrons get something out of their donation as well. You can also just become a patron if you genuinely like what we do and purely want to support us. A few examples of how the funds would be used:

EXAMPLE 1: If a Defence member passes away and their family require financial support at that time, the funds raised would directly contribute to assisting them.

EXAMPLE 2: Donation to selected Veteran charities.

EXAMPLE 3: Assisting elderly Veterans with equipment or funding a landscaper to maintain their gardens if they are incapable.So please come support the people and the page that has supported you these past few years.


Admin team The Pineapple Express

Help A Digger Out

Help A Digger Out is a social media group that has been set up to bring the community together and assist in what ever way it can.

Some ways it has been helping is by finding people employment, helping with resumes and cover letters, and just some general advice and even a laugh. overall the group is there too just help with the key point of not making any money or taking any money from the veteran community. everyone in the group is there with the same goals in place and that is to help.

Aussie Veterans

About Us

At Aussie Veterans, our main focus is not about profits. We want to help develop the services provided to our community and assist our most injured and ill re-enter the work force in whatever capacity they can.

Our first community project that is funded by the profits made from our company is the Aussie Veterans website, which is a living and constantly evolving web community, where veterans and their families can to access relevant information and services for free. The first stage of this site will revolve around concessions entitlements and a veteran can advertise their businesses free of charge.

A Stable Life Counselling Services

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Spot and Wally

A Stable Life Counselling Service provides counselling and Equine Acceptance Therapy for PTSD,Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, Relationship Counselling

Reviews Speak for them selves

Had my first session of equine therapy today.

A therapy which involves bonding with horses, learning how to do things like walk them, brush them and learn to give them basic commands with rewards. It is a pilot program by Veteran Affairs to see if it can help veterans with their mental health.

This process helps me to lower the anxiety from my PTSD and after only one session I can say it really works.I was paired with Dexter, he is 15 years old. We bonded very quickly, he has a beautiful temperament. He would nudge me as we were walking at times, I was told this is to get me to walk faster. After giving his treat he then started licking my arm and t-shirt!Apparently this is affectionate behavior so I really glad he likes me. I’m told he has a cheeky personality and it showed!I had very successful and positive day.

Julie and Rob were a absolute pleasure to meet. They made me feel so welcome.Very happy and can’t wait for next week’s session!

Julie and Rob, thank you so much for this amazing experience. It really does teach you to calm right down as you interact with the horses. Dave and Patch are brilliant but I think I have hit something with Dave. Again thankyou and see you again. Hope all can be sorted with DVA. Also thanks to Heros on the Homefront for putting me onto you.

Voice Of A Veteran

Voice Of A Veteran (VOAV) is a platform for Veterans to connect, speak out and take action against the mental health crisis that has plagued our Veteran community. We have now lost more than 700 Veterans to suicide since 2001 (our commencement of Military Operations in Afghanistan).

Thousands more are living with anxiety and depression, as a result of their transition from a life of service-before-self, into a society where we struggle to find our purpose and identity.

We must unite as a Community to support those Veterans in need and provide hope to those who have otherwise been suffering in silence.

We must take control of the modern Veteran narrative and help to educate the wider Australian Public to better understand who we are and the issues we must now face together.

Together we can help all Veterans feel more relevant, understood and valued – during and after their transition from Military service.

We must take action now, before another generation of Veterans suffers from the same mistakes.

42 for 42

42 for 42 is a non-profit organisation founded by Afghanistan combat veterans. The team at 42 for 42 are dedicated to supporting the families of fallen Afghanistan veterans as well as those who have returned from active duty in Afghanistan, and their families. 

The main goal of 42 for 42 is constructing a war memorial specifically honouring Afghanistan combat veterans.  The memorial also honours returned veterans who lose the battle to suicide and mental illness at home. This memorial is being organised, supported and built by Afghanistan veterans and their families who are all volunteers.

Many Australian veterans lives were lost during Australia’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan and lives are lost still when our veterans return home due to depression, post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues affecting our veterans. 

We raise money & awareness for those returned from Afghanistan and their families. 

We do this by hosting a number of events, and fundraisers, as well as supporting other Afghanistan organisations and businesses. 

  • Raised money for Legacy
  • Raised money for Diggers Rest, help build cabins & Soldiers Africa trip 
  • Raised money for R.A.E, Sappers run
  • Raised money Australian Veteran Surfers
  • Helped put veterans on Surf program with PTSD for Australian Veteran Surfers 
  • Supported families of Afghanistan fallen and Afghanistan veterans, by getting them to attend events, luncheons and dinners. 
  • Work for veterans at events 
  • Work for veterans through different businesses 
  • Advertise and support Afghanistan veteran groups & businesses; BRAWR, Smokin Sappers, AVS, Diggers Rest, Survive to Thrive -Dane Christison, Cafe Two 14, Industrial Fitness, Tom Schied-photographer 
  • Our Major project, Afghanistan Memorial/Remembrance garden, A project for 42 for 42 and Afghanistan veterans and families. 

Majority of raised funds go directly to the build, but we still have a long way to go to fund the entire project.

Heroes on the Homefront

Heroes on the Homefront (HOTH) is a South Australian based veteran’s services charity specialising in Connecting veterans to programs, Program Development and Training available to them and providing family and community events.

Young Veterans

Since the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam in 1975,the Australian Defence Force has been deployed to a myriad of theatres in warlike, non-warlike, peacekeeping, border protection and emergency response situations.

Across all 3 services, men and women have volunteered the best years of their lives to the needs of the nation. Many have suffered physical and psychological issues as a result of their service.

Though many Ex-Service Organisations exist, there is a disconnect between the veterans and the service providers, with many veterans disgruntled at their experiences with certain ESO’s, thus resulting in veterans not requesting services that they are entitled to.

Over 40,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen and women have been deployed to Afghanistan in the Middle East area of operations, Australia’s longest running war. With 42 soldiers killed in action, over 250 wounded in action and countless numbers returning with psychological illness, ex service organisations are overwhelmed with returned servicemen and women.

Many of these people struggle to return to a normal life when they return; some members suffer from physical injury while a growing number are being diagnosed with mental illnesses such as depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Through our outdoor recreation activities, education programs and yearly events, we intend to give veterans the opportunity to tell their story, in a safe environment with like-minded people.

Global Guardians Conservation Fund

The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion-dollar a year ‘industry’ that is destroying our planet. Not only that, but poaching, the logging of forests and other environmental crimes fund a variety of illegal activities and criminal networks including terrorist groups. Poaching of wildlife threatens not only the species involved but whole ecosystems and in some cases the stability of the countries where the money is funding criminal or terrorist networks.

Global Guardians Conservation Fund was started to help combat this threat by promoting a range of conservation efforts, from anti-poaching, training people to protect our wildlife on the front line, to a black rhino breeding program in Zimbabwe. Global Guardians Conservation Fund was founded by Dustin Thompson after he volunteered as an anti-poaching ranger in Africa in 2015. His decision to volunteer as an anti-poaching ranger made sense in light of the skills he learned while serving in the Australian Army as a rifleman and the chance to use those skillsets to help protect wildlife. The first anti-poaching group Dustin volunteered with proved to be a huge eye opener on the industry and the people involved and, while he says it was a rewarding experience, he felt there was much left to be desired from his trainers.

Experiencing the situation on a local and international level he saw the need for more boots on the ground in order to make a bigger difference. His experience confirmed the need to guide people more carefully if they decide to volunteer in this or other areas of conservation. In 2017, Dustin visited Africa again to find a more suitable anti-poaching organisation to work with and to visit other projects Global Guardians Conservation Fund would be promoting. He wanted to see their operations first hand and meet the people involved so he could better assist people wanting to participate in those projects and to ensure the work they are doing is actually making a difference. At Global Guardians Conservation Fund we are big believers that in order to properly guide someone or promote something you need to experience it first hand.

Now, after multiple trips to Africa we are more ready and confident than ever to help protect our planet and wildlife and to help you do your part. Global Guardians Conservation Fund values honesty, passion, commitment, integrity and fairness and apply that to the way we do business and how we treat you. We are also very passionate about helping people and believe volunteering offers huge benefits to both parties involved. Not just physical and material benefits but also emotional benefits. We believe this comes from being in the wild, experiencing new cultures, getting up close and personal with our wildlife and helping preserve this world and what we have left on it and we want to be able to share that with you.

Sorted by Kath

Are you returning to work after maternity leave, looking at that next promotion, moving and need to find new employment or possibly a career change?

Or been job seeking and applying for jobs for a while with no response and lacking confidence?

My services are designed for people like you, who want to make employers take notice during the recruitment process and engage with them.

I’m passionate about helping you during this often stressful time and would love to create an impressive resume that you love and that will help you stand out from the rest of the pile and provide you with the confidence to put your best self forward.

I provide other services such as career and confidence coaching, creating/updating Seek and/or LinkedIn profiles, and addressing selection criteria, so please click link below for more information.

Survive to Thrive

Providing the highest quality innovative mental health and transitioning programs for veterans and families.What is the Post War Survive to Thrive Program?

The Post War Survive to Thrive Program is an evidence based online coaching course that takes you on a mental health and transitioning journey. It allows you to regain control of your life and rebuild resilience so you can not just survive but thrive.

The program equips you with online peer to peer support and every tool, daily goals and routines you need to reach your full potential. Too often we hear people say “I just want to be who I was before PTSD or before I got lost in the civilian jungle.” We don’t. We want you to go further than that. We want you to be a victor of these experiences, not a victim, and have these experiences happen for you instead of to you.

Soldier On

Soldier On is grounded in the bonds of friendship and a desire to better connect the community to the experiences of Australian Defence personnel, contemporary veterans, and their families.

John Bale, Cavin Wilson, and Dr Danielle Clout, established the organisation following the death of John’s close friend, Lieutenant Michael Fussell in 2008, from an IED blast in Afghanistan. After Michael’s death, John returned to their home town of Armidale to find a community that was rallying together to support Michael’s family and raising funds for those involved in the incident and coming home to a very different life.

In the years that followed John, Danielle, and Cavin identified that no single organisation was focused on supporting both younger veterans injured physically and psychologically in incident’s like Michael’s, and their family members. In addition, they wanted to ensure that those who had been impacted by their service during peacekeeping operations, training exercises, and general duties were also provided assistance.

They chose to take action and establish Soldier On. Their vision was to provide a way for the community to come together and support our modern-day veterans and their families.

They believed the community needed a mechanism to support these brave men and women and so, on 24 April 2012, Soldier On was launched.


As non-traditional students, ex Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel have a lot to add to classroom discussions and can offer unique perspectives. Yet, these differences can also be quite challenging. 

ASVA would like to help student veterans overcome these challenges by establishing ASVA chapters at universities throughout Australia to provide a peer network for veterans on campus. Interacting with other likeminded students on a daily basis will help student veterans regain that sense of camaraderie they had in the ADF. These built-in networks will greatly assist student veterans during the service-to-student transition process and will help mentor/motivate student veterans throughout their degrees.

Just imagine the positive impact a population of educated veterans could have on our society. This is why ASVA wants to provide support, mentorship, and a collaborative voice to the student veterans of Australia.

Disaster Relief Australia

Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.Since launching three years ago we have as an organisation, a Tribe, built an incredible capability to provide unparalleled relief assistance across the full range of global natural disasters. We’re proud of our history and our accomplishments.

We are prouder still to say that the time has come to make our own mark and direct our future. Today we’re announcing that while we will remain associated with Team Rubicon Global we are rebranding – Disaster Relief Australia

The devastating natural disaster landscape across Australia has shown us that we’re facing unique and unprecedented disasters at catastrophic levels. An Australian led and Australian focused disaster relief non-profit organisation is not just what our country is needing but it is what we all deserve.Disaster Relief Australia will also be able to refocus on our members, our veterans. We understand that Australia and the United States have two different cultures and we are choosing to rebrand into an organisation that is not just veteran led and veteran focused but Australian veteran led and Australian veteran focused.

Our commitment is to you, those who have served our incredible country, and continue to server by lending your unique skills, passion and focus, to join with our first responders and like minded civilians, to provide invaluable support to those in our community who are facing their darkest days.Forged in fire, this years devastating bushfires across our beautiful country were what pushed us into our first concurrent and back to back operations. For what continues to be some of this countries most difficult times, together we serve.


WithYouWithMe builds talent where there are skills shortages in the technology sector and have solved inefficient training, education and recurring systems.

We achieve this through four deliberate actions; Discover, Train, Deploy & Grow. We call this the WYWM Way.

Co-founders Tom Moore, Luke Rix and Sam Baynes came together to take action, designing a workforce technology platform that could reinvent the recruitment model and bring all the disconnected parts of the journey (training, searching, interviewing) together.
Something in the system was broken.

Ironside recruitment

Founded by ex RAEME soldier Glen Ferrarotto we are owned and operated by people who know what it means to serve. People who appreciate the value of your ADF service and who understand the choices and challenges you’ll face when you hand in your kit and take that plunge into civilian life.

Whether you’re in the process of discharging, moving to Reserves or have already left we’re here to be your advocate and partner. We understand how your hard earned skills and experience translate in the civilian world and can help you sell your achievements in a way that employers value.

What you’ve done for your country, your skills and experience are rare and valuable assets. And this is how we will always represent our candidates.

Bravery Trust

How Donations Help Veterans

From medical fees to food vouchers and tuition, Bravery Trust makes sure every donated dollar works hard for our injured veterans. Post-service, veterans may suffer from a variety of injuries both mental and physical that impact upon their quality of life.

Bravery Trust utilises contributions to support injured veterans who find themselves in a stressed financial position. Financial disadvantage resulting from injuries sustained during service impacts upon both the veteran and their family, which can lead to financial hardship.

This disadvantage – borne of service – is simply not fair. It’s our time to serve those who have been brave on our behalf. Your contributions help Bravery Trust:

  • Provide fuel and food vouchers to those at risk of going without.
  • Prevent homelessness and avoid veteran and families eviction from accommodation.
  • Pay for essential services at risk of disconnection, such as electricity and gas.
  • Service cars to keep families connected to themselves and their communities.
  • Subsidise educational costs such as school fees, books, school camps and uniforms.
  • Pay for critical medical treatments that impact upon the veteran and their family.
  • Offer pathways to complimentary support services such as financial counsellors.

Bravery Trust provides injured veterans with the support they need, so they can move beyond distressing circumstances towards a place where our assistance is no longer required.

Legacy Australia

Legacy is a charity providing services to Australian families suffering after the injury or death of a spouse or parent, during or after their defence force service. We currently care for around 52,000 beneficiaries, with 82% (over 76 years of age) of them being elderly widow/ers. throughout Australia.

Legacy is a voluntary organisation supported by veterans, servicemen and women, and volunteers drawn from all walks of life. Our support and services now extend to include the dependants of members of today’s Australian Defence Force who lose their lives or their health as a result of their military service.

Legacy is dedicated to enhancing the lives and opportunities of our families through innovative and practical programs aimed at:

  • the protection of individuals and families basic needs;
  • advocating for their entitlements, rights and benefits;
  • assisting families through bereavement; and
  • helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

There are over 4,000 active volunteers around Australia who act as mentors to the widows and their families and who ensure Legacy’s promise to care for the families of deceased veterans is kept.

Veterans 360 Australia

We are often asked what we do and sometimes people want to know how we do it. While these are very good questions they do not get to the core of our mission to eradicate veteran homelessness and provide intensive support to vulnerable and at risk veterans. Because of this we chose to talk about why we do what we do.Our founder began this work in April 2015, under another banner and quickly realised what people were thinking needed to be challenged and even more needed to be reversed. Having been homeless, drug addicted and fallen foul of the Law between 2002 and 2005, Jay realised what was needed is a total revamp of contemporary services and aiming this new model to ensure it is primarily directed towards veteran community and totally solutions based.

Jay’s passion and desire to provide high value services to vulnerable and at risk veterans has been demonstrated across six years of service in this area. His own recovery and reintegration into the community was the basis of our program and continues to be structured with a veteran centric purpose.

Our only priority is the care of our clients and to ensure they have the best opportunity to exit homelessness in a secure and fully supported environment.With almost 500+ veterans and family members assisted, Jay has a very hands-on approach that ensures every client is afforded the best possible care and assistance. The V360A ‘least restrictive practice’ model also ensures engagement of the veteran in deciding which options to choose and how to best resolve both immediate and longer-term issues that have led to the situation.


We are one of Australia’s leading charities actively changing the lives of current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members, and their families, impacted by service.

Our mission is to provide physical, psychological and social support services to improve the wellbeing of the military family. 

Many of our staff and volunteers come from all areas of the Defence community and understand what it means to serve. They’re experienced in helping veterans overcome hurdles, navigate through recovery and focus on the future. 

In Australia, there is estimated to be more than half a million veterans. Many have been impacted by service-related injuries and need support to help get them through difficult times. We believe that no one should go through recovery alone.

Trojans Trek

Vision: Trojans trek will be recognised as the most effective peer support wilderness based intervention which reconstructs the psychological health and well being of service and ex service personnel.

Mission. Trojan’s Trek plan, conduct and evaluate wilderness based peer support interventions to assist service and ex-service personnel, adversely affected by their service.

Context.  Trojan’s Trek is a program which was first run in the North Flinders Ranges of SA in the late 1990s to assist troubled Vietnam veterans return to a normal life.

The objectives of the trek are to develop in the participants through joint and individual challenge:
•    an understanding of how thoughts and feelings influence behaviour
•    exposure to various strategies which will bring about positive change
•    suggested individual responses which are effective in achieving the aim, and
•    enhance self esteem

Trojan’s trek is a circuit breaker program in nature. Participants figuratively undertake a journey, which facilitates new ways of viewing themselves, their colleagues and partners in a remote location while investigating ways to facilitate change. Some of the past trekkers have denoted this as a ‘stocktake of life, feelings and behaviour.’

During the trek, individuals will be acquainted with a number of options needed to adjust thinking, make better choices, adapt behaviors and practice new skills which will be applied in his or her domestic situation. Participants are compelled to step outside their comfort zone and take stock of their lives both individually and collectively. The program is live-in, is highly individually focused and delivered by staff that have the necessary accreditation.

More importantly they are also ‘warriors’ who have experienced and overcome the same frustrations as those attending. This aspect of staff selection is vital to the outcomes as many of those attending come to regard the older veterans as role models. Trojan’s Trek provides the setting and conditions under which participants will experience a lasting positive shift in values and interpersonal relationships. The trek is designed to improve lifestyle and community involvement. Trekkers are encouraged to face activities and situations which may have been avoided in the past by trying new ways of behaving and reacting.

For more information on the instruments and methods used to evaluate the outcomes of Trojan’s trek there is a detailed pdf available here.

For a final report by the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health (ACPMH) on the 2009 trek click here. It was arrived at by administering a series of standard psychosocial tests to the participants and their partners.  In general it shows that the qualitative results, which were very good in terms of benefits, far outweighed the quantitative results.

Although the ACPMH saw this trend as a difficulty or perhaps a disappointment, other clinicians see this as completely predictable.  As one clinician said, ” the beneficial perceptions or outcomes achieved in the minds of the participants and partners (qualitative) represents the outcomes you sought.”

In 2013 UniSA also evaluated Trojan’s Trek results using the same instruments as part of a masters thesis by Kendall Bird.  The results were classed as excellent, establishing new bench marks for peer support programs of this nature.  See  report elsewhere on the site.

Overwatch Australia

OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA is a not for profit organisation tasked with reaching out and assisting former Australian Defence Force (ADF) members.

OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA is a peer to peer, boots on the ground, first response organisation formed to assist former ADF members who are at risk or in crisis. Once engaged, OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA will then act as a bridge to other Ex Services Organisations (ESOs) better equipped to help with the needs of these personnel.

All OVERWATCH AUSTRALIA first responders are former or current serving members of the ADF. We strive for peer to peer support, Navy to Navy, Air Force to Air Force, Army to Army. We are one of very few organisations that actively communicate with former ADF members and provide assistance when in crisis rather than waiting for them to come to us.

Defence Force Welfare Association

The Association was formed in 1959 as the Regular Defence Force Welfare Association (RDFWA) for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests of serving and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ie in those days the Permanent Forces of the Commonwealth) and their families. 

It was formed by service and ex-service personnel to fight the government and the bureaucracy, on behalf of all service personnel, over the transition from the DFRB Pension Scheme to DFRDB.  It successfully protected their interests during protracted discussions and negotiations with The Joint Select Parliamentary DFRB Committee formed to review the DFRB legislation and which oversaw the introduction of the DFRDB.  RDFWA drew the following comment from the Chairman of that Committee, Mr. John Jess CBE MP:

“It is important that every serviceman join and stay with the RDFWA and have a strong voice.”

In 2007 the name of the RDFWA was changed to the Defence Force Welfare Association (DFWA) to recognise that we now extend this purpose to both full time and reserve members.

Principal Roles

  • To protect and improve the pay and conditions of service of all serving ADF members and their families.
  • To advocate strongly for fair and equitable treatment of the retirement benefits of all serving and ex ADF members.
  • Provide strong and forceful advocacy services when dealing with the DVA and Government.

Airforce Association

The Air Force Association Inc is a non-profit organisation established in each state and territory of Australia to promote social activities, welfare, commemoration events, aviation history and the memory of fallen friends. The National Board is the governing body of the Association and conducts the business of the Association in accordance with the National Constitution 2017.

The National President of the Association, or his representative, participates in major national commemoration ceremonies throughout the year, including the RAAF Anniversary Ceremony, Anzac Day, Vietnam Veterans National Day, Battle for Australia, Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day. In addition, he represents the Association at federal government level with Department of Veterans Affairs, the Chief of Air Force and National Ex-Service Organisations.

The National Board is the National Committee of the Association and its members, the National Board and Members, consists of the National Executive and a Member of each Division, usually the President or an alternate nominated by the Division. The Deputy Chief of Air Force may at the invitation of the Council be an ex-officio member of the National Board.

The National Executive consists of the National President, three National Vice-Presidents, the National Secretary and the National Treasurer. The National Headquarters Office is located in Melbourne, VIC.

RAR association

The Royal Australian Regiment Corporation, traditionally known as the National RAR Association is an incorporated Company which functions as the peak representative body of its constituent members: the RAR State/Territory and Battalion Associations/Corporation.

It was formed in 2009 to:

  • enhance and protect the legal rights and limited liability of its members,
  • broaden the opportunities previously not available to an unincorporated entity,
  • appoint a Board that is democratically elected and subject to current best practice corporate governance and management.

Vietnam Veterans Association

The Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (VVAA) had its advent as the Vietnam Veterans Action Association formed in the late 1979 as a result of the perceptions of Vietnam Veterans that exposure to chemicals was causing problems with their health and the health of their children. The chemicals, known by the generic name of Agent Orange included 2,4,5 -T and 2,4 – D, a by product of which is the extremely poisonous substance TCDD or dioxin. The problems ranged from minor irritation to lethal, with symptoms such as skin blisters, itching, flushes, nasal problems, blurred vision, respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, gastro-urinary muscular and nervous system disorders, cancers and tumours. This was often exacerbated by psychological disorders caused by what was later diagnosed as post traumatic stress disorder.

Naval Association of Australia

We seek to provide an active and rich future that requires determined members. Being a member sustains the legacy of past service and sacrifice. The NAA pursue four pillars that underpin our mission:

Care(welfare), diverse and crucial support of Navy and ex-Navy men and women.

Commemoration, maintaining the legacy of past service and sacrifice.

Navy Cadets, assisting youths to become better citizens through support to the ANC. 

Camaraderie, meet and socialise with like-minded Navy and ex-Navy men and women.

Our aim is to be a dynamic and contemporary organisation supporting the Navy fraternity in a wide range of different ways. Mateship is at the core of our ethos.

The Naval Association of Australia (NAA) was established in 1920. The NAA is the only national organisation with the sole purpose of looking after the interests of serving Navy and ex-Navy men and women.

Australian Commando Association

Did you or a family member serve with: WW2 Commandos, 1 Commando Coy, 2 Commando Coy, 1st Commando Regiment, 4 RAR (Commando), 2nd Commando Regiment, 126 Commando Signals Squadron, or 301 Signals Squadron? Why not become a member of the Australian Commando Association.

There are four types of membership offered for those wishing to join the ACA. When filling out the membership application below please select the correct membership type that best describes the applicant:

FULL MEMBER: A person who has been on the posted strength of an Australian Commando Unit.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: A person who has been on the posted strength of a unit that has directly supported Australian Commando Units since WWII.

AFFILIATE MEMBER: A person who has been a member (or still a member) of a like minded military unit

Did you or a family member serve with: WW2 Commandos, 1 Commando Coy, 2 Commando Coy, 1st Commando Regiment, 4 RAR (Commando), 2nd Commando Regiment, 126 Commando Signals Squadron, or 301 Signals Squadron? Why not become a member of the Australian Commando Association.

There are four types of membership offered for those wishing to join the ACA. When filling out the membership application below please select the correct membership type that best describes the applicant:

FULL MEMBER: A person who has been on the posted strength of an Australian Commando Unit.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: A person who has been on the posted strength of a unit that has directly supported Australian Commando Units since WWII.

AFFILIATE MEMBER: A person who has been a member (or still a member) of a like minded military unit

SOCIAL MEMBER – family member of an Australian Commando who has been KIA or passed away.

Women Veterans Networks Australia

WVNA is about connecting past and present Women of Defence with resources, support & information to live an empowered & fulfilling life. Women have unique transitional challenges because of their role in the military and society. They experience deployment and reintegration different than men.

WVNA is the only organisation in Australia that is solely focused on the well being of female veterans. We reach multiple women, communities and organisations in metro, regional, rural and remote locations across Australia.


The Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) was founded in 1916 to ensure a unified approach to address the lack of organised repatriation facilities and medical services available to those returning from service in the Great War.  This included looking out for the families of those comrades who did not return, and arose out of discussions at a meeting in June 1916 of the Returned Soldiers Associations from QLD, NSW, SA and Victoria.

This ethos of compassion and service remains today as the motivating influence of the League.  The core mission has never changed and has continued to evolve to meet the needs of each generation of servicemen and women.

We advocate for the best possible conditions for our serving men and women and for those who have served the Nation in the past.  We foster respect and thanks from the Nation for all those who have made sacrifices in Australia’s name and we provide a strong voice on issues of National unity and security.

War Widows Guild of Australia

The Guild was established in 1945 in Victoria by Mrs Jessie Mary Vasey, widow of Major General George Vasey who was killed en route to New Guinea during World War II.

It began with the smallest of beginnings focusing on craft which taught weaving and other handicrafts to members so that they could augment their inadequate pensions, the War Widows’ Guild of Australia is a group which promotes and provides companionship, counselling and support for its members.

As Guilds were established in all States, the organisation became a powerful lobby group which was consulted by Governments on all matters concerning War Widows. Each State made its own arrangements to cater for their members’ needs, but all made housing a priority. By 1954, the Guild was in a position to take advantage of the Aged Persons Homes Act and go on to make provisions for housing for their members.

Going forward into the future the guild is looking to modernise and consolidate ensuring that there is always a service to look after War Widows in need and advocating on behalf of all War Widows to the National Government

Open Arms

Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling (formerly VVCS) is Australia’s leading provider of high quality mental health assessment and clinical counselling services for Australian veterans and their families.

We are focused on meeting client needs through a combination of proven clinical practices and new and emerging evidence-based approaches.

AGRI Veterans

An Australian-first from Agri Labour Australia (ALA), Agri Veterans launched in late 2015 after ALA’s founders learned about a similar initiative in the USA – one developed to help veterans find meaningful careers and personal fulfilment in the field of agriculture.

Agri Veterans wants the same for Australia’s ex-defence staff. We strive to help veterans find stable, rewarding roles that match their existing skill-sets, experience and temperament – knowing that many veterans have hugely transferrable skills that make them an asset to a variety of agricultural roles.

TPI Federation

The first Federal body representing State and Territory TPI organisations was formed prior to 1941. This page describes the emergence of the TPI Federation over the following decades.

The first Federation Body representing State and Territory TPI Organisations was formed prior to 1941 and by 1942 had become known as the Federal Council

In 1952 this body changed its name to The Commonwealth Council of Totally and Permanently Disabled Soldiers Association. This Council continued to exist until March 1979 when four States withdrew from it (New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia) and formed The TPI Federation of Australia.

Since the Federation has been incorporated it has been dedicated to a single purpose in building better lives for Australia’s disabled Veterans and their Families. Our faith in that mission has required the Federation to respond in a creative and flexible way to the changing and sometimes unpredictable problems and difficulties faced by disabled Veterans.

Today’s environment presents a unique set of challenges to which the Federation must respond particularly with the changing needs of an ageing Veteran population. These changing needs will require adaptation by both the TPI Federation and the Government; a Government increasingly cost cutting and led largely by Politicians with no Military experience and little passion for Veterans issues.

Executive Risk Solutions

Executive Risk Solutions (ERS) is an innovative, forward-thinking business consultancy firm that is focused on developing and delivering best practice solutions. Headquartered in Perth and established in 2008 ERS has positioned itself as an Emergency management specialist of choice for companies.

ERS offers services in Crisis and Emergency management, Emergency Response and Specialist Security working particularly within the Resource and Oil and Gas industry.

ERS supports many National and International entities with their emergency planning and preparation. In addition to providing crisis planning, training and testing to major resources companies, ERS has supported several clients through real time incidents that have had the potential to significantly affected their business. The company has significant international exposure in the Middle East and Africa.

Buddy Up Australia

The team at Buddy Up Australia believe that every person who has provided service in the military or emergency services has the right to feel valued and connected in their local community.

The effects of leaving the service can impact both physical and mental health and for some it is a big adjustment to life after service. We want to keep our buddies in the ‘well zone’ of mental and physical health.

Buddy Up Australia offers a way for people who have served their country, either domestically or overseas, to connect with like-minded people and feel that sense of purpose again. That’s through physical fitness and volunteering for worthwhile projects.

Founded in Perth, our goal is to run chapters Australia-wide which meet the needs of serving and ex-serving personnel just like us (police, fire, ambulance and military). Let’s keep our buddies in the well zone.

Through purposeful volunteering, physical and social activities, you’ll find a sense of purpose and gain a team of mates while contributing to your community.

The unique set of skills and abilities gained by serving our country and community, gives our current and ex-service personnel the capacity to help make our communities better, safer places to live – and you can be part of that.