Here are some Ex service organisations located in Queensland that can help. Click on the photos below and they will take you to the respected organisations that are able to assist you.

PTSD Resurrected inc.

The heart of the PTSD Resurrected Inc. is to allow veterans and first responders to re-engage their heart to serve within the community and bond in small team environments.

Our mission is to provide Hope, Healing and Purpose to individuals and the wider global community.

Our vision is to provide awareness, support and a message of hope for veterans, first responders and anyone suffering fro PTSD and their families. We run a charity called PTSD Resurrected Inc and facilitate REBOOT – Trauma Recovery courses on the Gold Coast.

We we will share photos, videos and images of our lives and our journey. We welcome people to comment, ask questions and communicate with each other in a open environment to discuss PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.

We have lived through the devastating effects PTSD can have on the family network and we are standing up to tell our story and openly and honestly answer questions and remove the veil of secrecy that surrounds PTSD. The good , the bad and the ugly we strip it bear and pull it apart in an effort to help others who may be struggling themselves or help those who are affected by a sufferer.

By highlighting the signs and symptoms we can demystify and remove some of the fear and confusion that surrounds this condition.

Warrior Revival Australia

The Warrior Revival program was created by Master Zhen Hua Yang and brought to the military community by two Australian veterans, who recognised the power of this system after training with Master Yang for nearly two decades between them.

The program aims to return veterans closer to their natural state; i.e. the balance of body, mind and self. Through specific somatic movement, you will be shown how to re-balance your nervous system, improve blood flow, reduce symptoms and recover from injury. Calm your mind, learn to unlock previous ambition, drive, motivations and emotional connection to family and friends, but most importantly, return the sense of identity that you once knew.

The training involves focused 3 dimensional movements that are accessible to all, regardless of injury or ability, designed to relax and remove tension from muscles, lengthen tendons, create space in the spine and importantly, increase blood flow and circulation to organs and all body systems. This creates a body system ‘reset’ of sorts, which transforms and profoundly vitalises mind, body and emotions.

Benefits of the training includes

  • Increase your daily energy
  • Create a fresh positive mindset
  • Improve relationships with friends, family and the community
  • Increase your concentration, create mental space
  • Reduce pain
  • Restore organ function
  • Create a sense of wellbeing and happiness within yourself
  • Assists in recovery from anxiety and depression

Currumbin Clinic

Currumbin Clinic is a 104 bed private mental health facility delivering high quality care and positive patient outcomes and regarded as the centre for excellence in mental health on the Gold Coast.

At Currumbin Clinic our team of Psychiatrists, Medical, Nursing and Allied Health staff provide expert care in the management and treatment of acute mental health disorders. We also have an active Consumer and Carer network. Our holistic approach to treatment is offered in a safe and supportive environment, utilising group therapy. Patients may be treated in either an inpatient or day patient setting depending on individual requirements and preference. 

 The Clinic is located on the southern Gold Coast in a discrete private landscaped environment.  Our environment is designed to deliver care in the least restrictive manner while maintaining patient safety as a first priority. This is managed in a way that allows patients to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Operation PTSD Support

Operation PTSD Support was founded by Donna.Brook, Toni, Kerry, Dannii, Nikki and Anna. Believing that the families of veterans needed to be cared for. The idea of the group is to educate and support partners and carers with education, respite, retreats and encouraging social inclusion. The dream is to one day have a safe place in every state where partners can seek emergency accommodation for respite that would offer help from those that understand that sometimes living with a veteran with PTSD can be exhausting and overwhelming. We believe a few days timeout could save a marriage. If you are a partner in need please contact Donna through the page messages or on 0430166070.
All merchandise on the page can be purchased through the web page shop.
Financial reports for the group will be available quarterly.
Anyone wishing to support our fundraising is welcome to contact us.

Donna is the partner of a Contemporary Australian Veteran with PTSD and Orthopedic injuries , she has worked within the veteran community as an advocate since 2001. She has a diploma in Community Development through USQ and is 2/3 through a degree in human services. Accredited to facilitate Mental Health First Aid courses, Donna volunteers her time to run these. These are conducted free of charge to all partners. Donna is an accredited mediator and is registered as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

The mission Statement moved and agreed to at the inaugural meeting is as follows To raise the funds to assist with the respite for partners, carers and children of incapacitated Australian veterans. To raise funds to purchase resources for families and carers of incapacitated veterans and to place these resources in schools and libraries throughout Australia.
To assist where possible with emergency crisis care for partners and children of incapacitated Australian veterans up to a maximum of 3 nights.
To raise awareness of PTSD and other mental health conditions diagnosed in Australian Veterans
To organise respite retreats for partners and children of incapacitated Australian Veterans.

Military Kids Recognition provided the funds for the set up of Operation PTSD Support, as well as the running costs for the first 12 months, they will continue to support Operation PTSD Support. A percentage of profits from Military Kids will continue to be donated to Operation PTSD Support for their ongoing work. Operation PTSD Support has been running for 5 years now and have successfully held 15 respite retreats, these have been held in Townsville, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Bali and two cruises. There have been numerous social inclusion dinners and lunches as well as some shows and courses, all aimed at building support networks and promoting inclusion to alleviate families become socially isolated. A small group of ladies work tirelessly to fundraise to ensure the retreats are affordable, and for the past few years QLD State RSL have also been assisting with grants to help subsidise the accommodation costs of the retreats.

St George’s Defence Holiday Suites

Operated by Service Personnel Help Society Inc (SPAHS), a registered charity, St George’s provides affordable holiday accommodation for current and former service personnel, their spouse and their dependent school age children from Australia and its allies. See Booking Rules

Since 1915, SPAHS has hosted thousands of eligible guests at its seafront facilities at Rainbow Bay, near Coolangatta on Queensland’s famous Gold Coast;. It is literally only metres from the renowned surfing mecca of Snapper Rocks and within easy reach of both Duranbah and Greenmount surf breaks.

Veterans’ Support Group QLD

We are the Veterans’ Support Group of Queensland, proudly owned by the Queensland Branch Inc. of the Vietnam Veterans Federation.

The Queensland Branch and it’s Sub-Branches is dedicated to the welfare of ALL veterans and their families. We have no other aim or role. If you are a sick veteran and you suspect your sickness may have been caused by your war service, we invite you to consult one of our trained advocates.

Our success and professional service to the veteran community is widely acknowledged. This has seen more and more veterans from all theatres of war, hazardous service, and Peacekeeping or Peacemaking roles, as well as both currently serving and ex-services men and women, seeking our assistance. We make no distinction nor do we discriminate.

We welcome all who feel that their service to their country has in some way affected their health and well being. Other agencies often refer veterans to us because of the highly professional service offered by the Veterans’ Support Group. We jealously guard our hard earned reputation as one of the leading Ex-Service organisations in the country.

We will advise what benefits you may be eligible to receive and help you apply for them. In this process we may refer you to medical specialists, legal specialists and Counselling. We may also be able to assist your family to understand your condition. If your application for Repatriation benefits is rejected, we can prepare an appeal for you and represent you at the appeal hearing.

There is, of course, no fee charged for these services. The Veterans’ Support Group represents the interests of veterans, particularly those suffering illness because of their war service, to the Government and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Queensland Branch publishes a quarterly magazine titled ‘INCOMING’. The magazine airs veterans’ issues particularly exposing the overt and covert attacks frequently made by both, the Government of the day, and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, on veterans’ rights and benefits.

To get your Newsletter delivered each quarter, FREE, why not join our Organisation.  To receive the e-Newsletter simply contact the E-News Editor at

As an organisation we continue to fight for your rights as a returned veteran. We continue to pursue, to the ultimate, your rights to appeal unjust determinations. And, we boast an extraordinary percentage of success that continues to indicate the lengths some will go to, to deny what is yours by right of your service and sacrifice.

Defence Special Needs Support Group

The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc is a non-profit benevolent volunteer organisation established to assist Navy, Army and Air Force families with a family member with special needs. The group was formed in late 1993 but went Tri-Service in 1994, the International Year of the Family, as a small group of Defence families were brought together by a common bond – they all had a family member with “special needs” and they found it frustrating finding appropriate services due to being mobile. The families decided that it was easier helping each other out with information and support, rather than going it alone. The Defence Special Needs Support Group Inc. has now grown into a well respected national organisation with many local support groups and well over 1100 families located both around Australia and overseas. The group provides support, information, assistance and advocacy for all ADF families who have a dependent(child, spouse or another dependant) with special needs. The DSNSG Co-Patrons are the Minister for Veterans and Defence Personnel The Hon Darren Chester MP and General Angus Campbell AC, DSC, Chief of Defence Force. National Ambassador is Air Commodore Henrik Ehlers, AM.

Wandering Warriors

Fundraising initiative providing support to returning Special Forces soldiers transitioning back into civilian life. All corporate sponsorship and donations go towards education, employment, mentoring and respite for veterans and their families.

Whiskeys Wish

Whiskey’s Wish Inc was founded in November 2014. Named after Scott’s dear friend, loyal companion & true mate Whiskey. Whiskey was Scott’s Assistance Dog & was only with the Jackman family for 12 months having passed away on the 7th October, 2014 from inoperable cancer.  This organisation has been created in his honor & memory. To enhance the independence & quality of life of Veterans, First Responders & Correctional Officers who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & service related injuries by the training, support, advocacy & assistance of quality, task trained service dogs to assist in rehabilitation.

RSL Queensland

Since its beginning in 1916, RSL Queensland has stood shoulder to shoulder with Queensland’s Defence family. Over these past 103 years, we have proudly upheld our Objects. We are veterans helping veterans, united in our desire to champion the rights of all veterans.

Our purpose is clear: to ensure a bright future and enduring legacy for all veterans and their families. Our 2025 Strategy provides a clear blueprint to realise our vision of becoming the most valued and trusted partner to enrich the Australian Defence family’s Quality of Life.

We are the largest ex-service organisation in Queensland, providing practical support, assistance, advice and camaraderie to current and former Australian Defence Force members and their families across the state. We are able to do this through the funds generated by the world’s most successful prize home lottery, RSL Art Union. 

Wounded Heroes Australia

Wounded Heroes Australia is a national community ‘volunteer’ organisation, that supports the Australian Defence Force, our Veterans and their families in financial crisis, or facing homelessness. We provide front-line, emergency support with items including food, electricity bills, rent and homecare – within 12-24 hours. There are no Government funds, State or Federal, that are able to support our organisation (as Grants are for a specific purpose, whereas we just need cash-at-bank). So for the past 10 years we rely solely on public and corporate donations to meet the crisis, particularly in the Australian Veteran Community. To our heartfelt honour the Australian public, defence community and many corporates have seen what we do first hand, and are now imbedded in their support of the Veteran community (particularly our younger veterans from east Timor to Afghanistan) facing financial crisis and unbelievably Veteran homelessness. We are proud to have the Patronage of Hon. Kate JonesMP; Hon. Jane PrenticeMP and the Lady Mayoress of Brisbane Anne Quirk. We are privileged to be welcomed at various Army, Navy and RAAF bases around Australia. The support of 7th Combat Brigade for our annual sleep-out for homeless veterans (Exercise Stone Pillow), as well as Chief of Army, 1Div Commander; Major Generals; Naval Commander and RAAF leaders, is most humbling.In 2017, we launched our Equine Healing Program – ‘Horses 4 Heroes’ with the Soldier Recovery Centre at Gallipoli Barracks. The pilot went beyond their (& our) expectations with the program (run by our volunteers), now being extended out to RAAF and Navy in 2018. The program is run without charge to current defence members, and we will look in 2019, to extend the program to the families of current Wounded, ill or injured members.

Wounded Heroes Association Incorporated is a Registered Australian Public Benevolent Institution No. 91 644 109 140 and is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) from 23 Jul 2014. It is covered by Item 1 of the table in section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.Finally, without the vision of our Founder & President, Mr Jim Shapcott in 2008, many many Defence Families and Veterans would be facing worse hardship, if not for his passion.


After arriving in Warwick in 1993, Mr. Johno Felton was advised to go and find a shady tree and watch the world go by, it was the early days of PTSD. Thankfully Johno and others in similar situations were not about to give up or give in, instead they banded together and helped many veterans find a renewed lease on life, after being diagnosed with psychiatric or similar disorders.

Veterans MC QLD

Our clubhouse ‘The Bunker’ is open every Friday night commencing at 5pm. Veterans from all conflicts, all past and present servicemen, the general public, & anyone interested in prospecting are welcome to come along, have a drink, & get to know us.
‘The Bunker’ is located at 132 Meakin Road, Kingston and is situated in the cul-de-sac end off of Queens Road. We are the last property on the right behind industrial units. Not having suburbia surrounding us is a plus – for us and the neighbours. We can crank up the stereo as loud as we like and party into the night without fear of complaint.

Veteran Mentors

Veteran Mentors’ youth military programs are designed to assist children to become accountable for both their behaviour and decisions. These programs are ideal for children addicted to technology or who are demonstrating poor behaviours, low self-esteem and lack of respect. They’re also ideal for propelling youth to reach their fullest potential.

Throughout their respective military careers, the Veteran Mentors have learned and implemented many effective strategies in achieving success in the most challenging environments. These strategies and skills include mental and physical resilience, effective communication, conflict resolution and fear/stress management.

Since leaving the army, the Veteran Mentors are dedicated to teaching these skills and providing help for troubled teens. They’re also mindful of doing so in a way that students can successfully implement them after the program has finished.

Defence Shed Caboolture

The mission of Defence Shed is to support current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force Members, Emergency Services and their families through support of and raising awareness of Mental Health.

Veterans Retreat

At 18 years old I took a sickie from work, saw an ad on the TV with a helicopter, made a phone call and all of a sudden the next thing I knew I was enlisted into the Australian Army. In January 2019, after just over 20 years and two deployments of the Middle East, I was medically discharged due to mental illness and physical injuries sustained as a result of my service. I was diagnosed with PTSD and Generalised Anxiety Disorder prior to discharge and have a number of physical injuries that really limit my day to day activities.

I went from flying high in the military, to being a nobody and feeling like no one cared and what I had done in my career meant nothing, the reality of how replaceable I was really hit me hard. It was then I realised I needed to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up, who do I want to be and what do I still want to achieve in my life. I knew no matter what, I wanted what I did to have purpose and make a difference in peoples hearts as my eyes are truly wide open to how horrible the human race can actually be, especially to one another.

I grew up in various small towns within South Australia and had moved 11 times by the time I was 13. One of my fondest memories as a kid was living on a sheep farm in the Flinders Ranges and a very special person that came into my life during some tough times used that information and got me a flock of six sheep to give me something to do (and to stop annoying them lol). Literally the day they arrived one gave birth to twins and this was where the crazy sheep farmer lady was born. The sheep have been amazing and the benefits of the animal therapy were indescribable. Not only do they bring me joy, but they give me a sense of purpose, a welcome distraction and something to focus on instead of driving my loved ones crazy.

I can honestly say I have been to the depths of hell and back, more than a few times actually, but I am surviving. I feel like I have finally found my space which I want to share with my extended family. I am doing this in the form of a farmstay on a 40 acre property located in Mothar Mountain and my key focus centres around “meaningful engagement” as I know from personal experience there is nothing worse than sitting with myself and my own thoughts.

Being ex military I really enjoy being in a team environment, we could maybe fix a fence, feed the cows and then sit down and relax by the fire and talk shit. I plan to offer farm work, animal therapy, daily activities, relaxation and overall a peaceful space to visit to name a few. Facilities will include accommodation, camping, gym, pool, communal kitchen which are all in process already. Animals include sheep (of course), cows, horses, ponies, chickens and ducks. The inclusion of a couple of pure bred Walers, which are the Australian War Horse, are a very special addition and I look forward to working with them.


Currently, we are building a network so that those within the veteran and first responder space can start to re-build whatever part of your life it is that needs to be re-built.

Our network currently includes Life-Coaching, wellness advocates, GP’s that integrate holistic health and also have a very good background with DVA and the formal processes, psychologists & Mental Health professionals, physiotherapists, remedial therapists, yoga and pilates instructors, martial arts instructors with classes just for veterans and first responders, RSL’s, Young Veterans, Mates4Mates, PTSD Dogs Australia and our list is growing.​

We are currently serving veterans, we are first responders, we are peace-keepers and we are humanitarian aid workers. So, we know you! We now advocate for a life health, wellness, natural solutions to assist your life and your living it. We are educators and coaches. We are family, we are you.

Gunnebah Addiction Retreat

Nobody plans to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. At Gunnebah, we know that rehab is where you end up rather than a planned destination. If you’ve made the decision to do something about your addiction it’s our goal to provide you with the opportunity to make significant, lasting changes you’ll be able to live with.

Our program

At Gunnebah we have developed an evidence-based program that includes:

  • Physical health – exercise, nutrition and sleep
  • Mental health – understanding your relationship with addiction & building skills to make sustainable change
  • Spiritual health – counselling, group therapy, mindfulness
  • Social well-being- rebuilding social skills, making healthy connections

Take a look at the conditions we treat.

We provide

Our comprehensive service provides:

  • A structured and full program focused on building life-skills, developing insight and healthy lifelong habits. Your experience here will open the door to living the life you want. This includes such things as: relationship and communication skills; connecting with family and important others; financial management; nutrition and cooking; emotions and self-regulation; physical well-being and much more.
  • Individual therapy to focus on your life and what is important to you.
  • Group therapy & team building in a safe, nurturing community. Develop enduring, mutually supportive friendships with others who know what you are going through because they’ve been there.
  • Psychobiology of addiction seminars to help you understand what’s happening to your mind & body so you can intervene for your own benefit.
  • Adventures and new experiences (e.g. learn to surf, climb Mt Warning, sea kayaking, etc) to rediscover the excitement in life itself – like you had before addiction became the only thing in life.
  • Specific therapeutic techniques that have been shown to be helpful for people suffering addiction. This includes Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.
  • Exercise, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and wholesome food to help you become physically and mentally well.
  • A semi-remote location, removed from the stress, complications and temptations of everyday life. Gunnebah is in a beautiful, tranquil area, close to some of Australia’s most scenic national parks and beaches.
  • Integrated family therapy, as required.

Of course, each of these elements work within an integrated and individualised program, strengthening and supporting each other, for maximum benefit.

We work hard to ensure you are comfortable, safe and secure on beginning your journey to recovery from addiction.

The Oasis Townsville

The Oasis Townsville is a place in Townsville that will be the first stop for all all members of the ex-ADF Community (including those transitioning out of the ADF, those already out and their families) for connection to the services available in the community to support their transition, connection and integration to life in Townsville.

The Oasis Townsville will not do anything that is being done well elsewhere in Townsville, but refer our people to the best of those services. We will concentrate on skilling and employment, volunteering, leading the advocacy community of practice among Ex-Service Organisation (ESOs) in dealing with Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), and run some in house programs like art, craft and sewing as demand dictates.

The Oasis Townsville is temporarily set up in the CBD at 143 Walker Street, and will move to 20 Darter Street in The Village, Oonoonba – the site of the old DPI Station. Construction is expected to commence in early 2019.

TPI Townsville

Our Mission

To provide support, comfort and camaraderie to ex servicemen and women who suffer permanent disabilities as a result of service in Australia’s defence forces and to extend support to the community, schools, families and carers.


The first Association for Totally and Permanently Incapacitated ex-service personnel (TPI’s) was founded in Victoria in 1926 to provide assistance and support to the vast number of WW1 soldiers who received permanent disabilities due to their war service. The mission and ideals of the original association have been passed on, through successive organisations Australia wide, to those ex service personnel affected by their defence service up to the present day.

Our organisation was established in 1950 as the Townsville sub-branch of the TPI Soldiers Association. In 2003 we withdrew from the TPI Soldiers Association and changed our name to The Totally and Permanently Disabled Ex-servicepersons Association (Townsville) Incorporated in order to extend membership to all eligible ex servicemen and women. We are now an independent not-for-profit body with a current membership of approximately 500.


As part of our management responsibility we include training and review programmes to ensure our committee members and welfare practitioners are informed on current strategies that support our role within the community. We also maintain close links with other ex service organisations, the general community, community groups and service and health providers that share information and support.


SMEAC Inc is a not For Profit collaboration between myself, (Stomps), from SF Training and Ray Carson, from Experiences. Over the years Ray and myself have worked together running corporate gigs, group PT sessions along with a million other things so secret that we would have to kill you if you found out. But and it is a big but when you peel away the skins from the onion our real passion in all honesty is our mates and especially our veteran mates.

Its a sad fact that for some reason, (I wont go into it here), the veteran community are really hurting, we are loosing way too many and the government and the powers to be have no f!@#$%g idea how to fix it. Burying their head in the sand approach was an absolute failure, as was the throwing $300 million at it approach mind you the hope that we will all hurry up and and die approach might just have a cracker of a chance at taking off and working

What they are missing is that we or veterans need a sense of purpose a reason to connect, to bond, a reason to be together where we are once a part of a team again where we have a firm base in which we can sort out our admin, patch up our ,mates and plan further attacks. When we were told to attack that hill we didn’t say oh that is to hard, or I’m not qualified, or that will never work, we were part of something and nothing could ever stop us lets get back there again.