Here are some Ex service organisations located in NSW that can help. Click on the photos below and they will take you to the respected organisations that are able to assist you.

Forge Through

Forge Through is an exciting opportunity to unplug and meet like minded people to guide you through the first steps of getting support and finding your tribe and creating a work of pride.

The three day program is hosted by Dean and Gina at their property situated in a picture-perfect valley near the mighty Clyde river, just 15 minutes from Batemans Bay on the south coast of New South Wales. The program was developed to assist with supporting the journey of veterans and first responders that are, or have suffered from, the demands of their role serving the people of Australia.

Dean served in the Australian Regular Army before pursing a career in the New South Wales Police Force. On his departure from the Police Force, he found benefit and a creative outlet through designing and forging knives. He is now a renowned bladesmith with a passion for mentoring and guiding others with similar experiences.

Partners of Veterans Association

was established by several unaffiliated partner groups from Wauchope, Sydney, Central Coast, Maitland and Tamworth in N.S.W. in 1999. Members of the Central Coast group organized a conference on 31 August 1999, with twenty eight (28) partners of veterans attending.
At this meeting a steering committee was elected to oversee the incorporation and unite the groups under the banner of the Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales.

Membership applications were received at the first official meeting of the Association held at Broke NSW in November 1999, and in May 2000 the Partners of Veterans Association of New South Wales was incorporated with 130 members. (P.V.A. NSW)

In four short years P.V.A. NSW grew to include members from each State and Territory. Having built the foundations of the Association, P.V.A. NSW was instrumental in the formation of the National/parent body in 2003. Currently there are P.V.A. state branches in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania .P.V.A. has become one united, nation-wide organisation providing much needed support and assistance for the welfare, health and special needs of partners of veterans.


The Returned and Services League of Australia (New South Wales Branch) (RSL NSW) is a member-based veterans’ charity founded in 1916, and the largest veterans’ charity in Australia. It is a statutory corporation incorporated under the RSL NSW Act 2018 (the Act).

RSL NSW’s mission is to respect, support and remember our veterans and their families. This mission is delivered through a number of bodies, including:

  • RSL DefenceCare, responsible for direct welfare to veterans and their family members in need, including assistance with compensation/rehabilitation claims and appeals, and counselling and crisis support;
  • Veteran Sport Australia, supporting the health and wellbeing of veterans and their families through sport and recreation;
  • RSL LifeCare, providing aged care and retirement services to veterans and their families;
  • Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF), offering services to currently serving Defence personnel overseas; and
  • the RSL NSW network of sub-Branches, housing local services and welcoming spaces in nearly 350 small towns and suburbs right across New South Wales.

RSL NSW is a charity registered with and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Veterans MC NSW

It is a matter of history that the United States and its allies waged a protracted war in Vietnam during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Australia, being one of the United States allies was involved from 1962 until 1972.  

The aftermath of this war and the social upheaval it caused left a large number of veterans deeply traumatised and adrift in the society they had returned to. 

All experienced to a larger degree the bitterness and sometimes hatred of the general public who had not shared their experiences in Vietnam.  Many veterans were shunned, and in turn shunned society and turned to the only people who they could trust – their Brothers in Arms, fellow Vietnam Veterans.

In late 1989, an advertisement was placed in a Melbourne newspaper seeking those Vietnam Veterans who were also Motorcyclists, and who would be interested in starting a Motorcycle Club.  There was a strong response and, so, at the Broadford Hotel, the Victorian Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club was born. During the same time other like minded Vietnam Veterans across Australia were coming together and forming chapters.   

Veteran Sports Australia

Supporting veteran health and well-being through sport.

Sport is a rewarding part of life for many Australians, but for our veterans it can be much more. Whether overcoming trauma or disability, wanting to be healthy and connect with others, or looking to excel in elite competition, sport gives veterans of all ages and abilities the chance to improve their health and quality of life, make new friends and test themselves against the best.

Veteran Sport Australia connects veterans and their families with individual and team sport, one-off competitive events, camps and Games, like Invictus Games. It provides pathways to coaching and mentoring training, and access to financial assistance for those who cannot afford to participate. We encourage all veterans and their families to join us in getting active and improving their lives through sport today.

Veteran Sport Australia is led by RSL Welfare and Benevolent Institution. Our aim is to help veterans of varying ability to utilise the healing power of sport.Encouraged by Invictus Games Sydney 2018, the program launched nationally on 26 October 2018.

Veteran Sport Australia is a trading name of The Trustees for RSL Welfare and Benevolent Institution (RSL WBI), ABN: 61 603 206 488. RSL WBI also trades as RSL DefenceCare.