Below is a list of Veteran and Veteran family owned and operated businesses that are located In New South Wales Click on the logos and check out their websites.

Health, Fitness & Fun

Emergency Australia

Our Story:

Winner – 2020 Prime Minister’s Veterans’ Employment Awards – Small Business Category

In 2013 Emergency Australia was established, with the objective of combining the unique skills and experiences of military veterans, with civilian emergency service personnel. By combining these skills, experiences and geographic locations, a truly unique and holistic service could be delivered across the Asia pacific region.

Our focus is to provide Training  and Emergency solutions across 3 key areas: training, medical support and WHS.

High Fidelity Training:

As the saying goes, “train hard, fight easy” we believe through exposure, realism and a hands on approach to training, confidence can be instilled to respond in a variety of contexts. We use the lessons learnt from our unique backgrounds to contextualise training for maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

The team at Emergency Australia is excited to announce the launch of our High-Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre, right here in Brisbane.

The unique capabilities of this facility offer enhanced training opportunities for emergency, medical professionals, the military, law enforcement and first responders across the private and government sector.

Key Features:

The High-Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre is a two-story facility featuring a 360-degree augmented reality environment, as well as a control room, debriefing room and reception area.

The 360-degree augmented reality environment is unique in that it provides complete audiovisual immersion for the student in the training simulation. This training environment can be designed to replicate urban or remote settings, for example a mine, a hospital, a rural car crash or a military environment, depending on your professional requirements.

In addition to the audiovisual immersion, students train on state-of-the art patient simulators including  Iaerdals Simman 3G. These simulators provide for a realistic training environment and build student confidence through exposure. They also allow for structured debriefings across a range of skill sets and clinical interventions.

For enhanced resilience training, students have the option to wear Astroskins and Hexoskins, to assess their vital signs. In our training setting, these smart garments allow the trainer to assess the biometric responses of students, such as their stress response. This allows for a more detailed and personalised performance assessment whilst providing active interventions to control the stress response.

The High-Fidelity Training and Simulation Centre offers highly-motivated individuals the opportunity to enhance their professional development and obtain qualifications in a number of nationally-recognised courses. We can also work with your company to develop a contextualised training plan to suit the needs of your team.

As Emergency Australia is a Registered Training Organisation 41448, our qualifications are nationally recognised. Our courses range from 1 day courses to diploma level accreditations for individuals and groups.

Medical support:

Each site and event is unique. Medical support needs to ensure the stabilisation and extraction of personnel, to definitive care. Our specialty is remote medical support using Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) registered healthcare professionals, with experience in complex and remote environments. Our staff have experience across both government and private sectors including mining, oil and gas, motorsport, corporate and event medical support.

WHS solutions:

We understand the annual legislative requirements for Australian organisations, to ensure staff, contractors and visitors operate in a safe, supportive environment. Each workplace is unique, we work to tailor and automate a solution to enhance safety in the workplace, whilst supporting daily operational requirements.

We look forward to working closely with you and supporting your requirements.

Sean O’Loughlin


“We do not get to choose our body type off a shelf. 

However, we do get the opportunity to maintain it to be the best that it can be to take on the world for all that it can throw at us.”


New South Wales

0457 240 965

ARWD Bowhunting

We love Bowhunting, and we love using equipment that can be relied on to do its job.

We want every bowhunter to be able to go on every trip knowing that the arrows in their quiver are up to the job.

We are 100% focused on quality, customer service and giving back to not only the bowhunting community, but our wider community of outdoor enthusiasts. As Australian Army Veterans, we also have a special interest in looking after our brothers and sisters in arms, Veterans and Emergency services personnel.

We are supporters of Hunters for Conservation and for Veteran Support Organisations. Each month we choose a VSO to donate 10% of our profits to. 

We want to give back and build up the great communities we are privileged to be a part of. We are veterans, and we are bowhunters.

ARWD Bowhunting Team

TacFit Solutions Australia

We are proudly 100% Australian Veteran Owned and Operated, and 100% built in Australia TFS Bring Australia’s first fully portable Military inspired strength and rehabilitation units to the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) and commercial fitness industry.We are also a certified Australian Veteran Owned Business (AVOB)Proudly we can say all out TFS units are 100% Manufactured right here in Australia on the Gold Coast using Australian Steel.

Our Motto is Built Not Imported. Our TacFit training units are custom fabricated shipping containers and steel boxes that are fully reinforced inside. This will allow the attachment of any Alphafit Cross-fit Rig configuration to the outside. If you can think it we can build it.

We also offer full custom branding and fit-out for any Military units or Sporting club who wants to separate themselves from the pack.

We also cater for the at home fitness enthusiast or Personal trainer who wants a high end heavy duty portable outdoor 1- Man unit, which can be setup quickly and packed as away when space is needed.

Our Delta 2.0 WODBOX unit is Australia’s most versatile portable strength units on the market, giving the trainer and client the ultimate tool to get strong fit and healthy anywhere anytime.

The Delta 2.0 & Recon 2.0 units set-up time is in under 8 minutes and no tools are required. Our Tacfit units are robust and versatile portable fitness facilities. All units come with a 10 year structural warranty, and 5 years on the Cross-fit Rig and attachments externally.

Contact us today for your no obligation quote, or to build your unit, or sporting club the ultimate strength training facility.

TACMED Australia

We aim to provide the highest standard of emergency medical training and
equipment to first responders who work in high threat and complex environments.

We strive to work towards our motto “Depend on us when lives depend on you”. You can depend on our honesty, integrity and professionalism when working with TacMed Australia for emergency medical equipment and training solutions. Our corporate vision is to prepare Australia’s First Responders in stopping the preventable causes of death at the point of injury.

We are a veteran owned emergency medical supply and training company that specialises in bringing the advances in battlefield medicine to first responders. We are proud of both our Military and Emergency Medical backgrounds. With decades of experience “on the tools” we know what works and what doesn’t.

Force Element Performance

1. Situation Weakness, complacency and mediocrity is an enemy that is constantly probing your position for points of venerability. It has entered your area of operations in order to disrupt you from your mission at hand. Day by day this insurgency becomes stronger as is has freedom of movement As of yet it hasn’t established a dominant presence but it’s forecast that any further delay in action will result in a untenable situation.

2. Mission Seek out and destroy the enemy in order to re-establish the balance of power required for you to stay mission focused. This is a no fail mission so anything less than total dominance is not an option.

3 . Execution This mission will be executed over multiple phases all culminating in decisive action against the enemy. You are this missions main effort and as such will be expected to meet this enemy head on. All phases of the full mission profile will be supported by Force Element Performance.

4. Support Force Element Performance will provide the necessary fire support, force multipliers and mission enablers and will be the main supporting effort in this mission.

5. Signals Should you need to establish communications with Force Element Performance you can do so via; | |

Shredded Warfare

About Us

Shredded Warfare is a Fitness Apparel brand designed in Sydney, Australia.

Shredded Warfare is owned and run by two brothers with Military and Police Backgrounds. Shredded Warfare aims to produce fitness apparel for those long and grueling workouts whilst at the same time being comfortable and complementing enough to wear relaxing and going about your everyday life.  

Our Mission

We have big plans for our company at Shredded Warfare, which include expanding on our product range and increasing in size to provide you with all the gear you need. We are committed to supporting our service men and women including emergency workers by providing discounts on our products and sponsoring sporting events

Veterans Grappling

The world-first program offered by our foundation is Veteran Grappling which consists of individual and class settings where students are exposed to Judo, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling, yoga, and mindfulness. The unique program is FREE for those who are current or former serving Unsung heroes (see below).

​The classes are designed by experienced instructors who have an extensive amount of knowledge in the grappling arts and are combined with the medical team knowledge of Doctors, Physiotherapists,  Psychologists, and exercise physiologists. This ensures all members can get something out of the classes as we are all at different levels of ability and restricted through injuries attained from service. 

Jolly Roger Barbers Bar

Jolly Roger Barber Bar is be the place for people to go before they go somewhere. Providing High-End men’s grooming services, hair, beard and grooming products and the highest quality coffee, whisky and rum available. JRBB will provide an experience for all clients whereas they have good conversation, refreshment and high-quality grooming services. We figure you can go anywhere to get a haircut, but you can only come to us for a truly luxurious grooming experience.

Veteran Discounts

As Gus is passionate about looking after Vets, Jolly Roger Barber Bar offers an immediate 10% Discount on all products and services if they produce a military ID card or Current DVA Card.

Experience With Us

For a truly luxurious experience, not just a haircut, we are there for you.

Brother Shave

Designed for active military, emergency services personnel and those who want to support them, Brother Shave is an innovative new subscription service that provides necessary shaving products at a huge cost savings—with a percentage of profits going to aid those suffering from physical wounds, PTSD, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.

Of course, we men folk have to shave every day in order to maintain the required standard, right? The major razor companies are charging a premium for an everyday product that simply does not cost that much to manufacture.

By way of introduction, I am Anthony, the founder of Brother Shave. I am 28 years old and have served in the Australian Defence Force for the past nine years, with deployments to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Fiji and on border security. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with all three services whilst maintaining both command and training positions.

During this time, I have seen the stress and anxiety that comes from these operations—as well as the lasting impact that often comes following deployment. That is why I am an advocate for the mantra “It ain’t weak to speak,” while using my new business to support Soldier On, New Zealand Heroes Trust and Livin. Most important, while providing a means to purchase a necessity for a fraction of retailer pricing, I am using this platform to help remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

I hope you will join me in the close shave club in order to turn a requirement into a reason.

Raw Performance Den

24/7 Strength Gym, Yes that’s right Port Macquarie’s only 24 hour Strength Gym. Everything you get from a Commercial Gym and MORE!!! If you are a lady and don’t feel comfortable with your surroundings you have the safe haven of the LADIES ONLY section too.

We are a family environment and everyone is equal.Raw Performance Den is a Defence Veteran owned business.

Food & Beverages

Zeroed Liquor

Zeroed Liquor is a veteran owned and operated distillery, located on the shores of Coffs Harbour NSW. ​We’re currently producing vodka with plans for expansion into other liquors. 

My time in the Army has given me great experience and a strong community to lean on. We’ll be further strengthening that community by donating 5% of our profits to a different veteran based charity each year.

Beef Chief Jerky

The Beef Chief is all about small batch, REAL Beef Jerky made for the Australian belly with a mission to keep and deliver his home-made Beef Jerky style for all people to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

But how did Beef Chief come about? Being raised on a cattle farm our little boy beef chief had just begun to learn the trade inside out. As he matured into a wild young man so did his knowledge and love for quality top shelf beef. 

It was when The Beef Chief was in the thick of a 4 day scorching hot military exercise as part of an 8 man section he was tasked to set outpost on top of a hill. Trekking uphill with 40kg worth of weaponry, ammo, body armour and a full back pack quickly changed Queenslands “sunny state” nickname into something much more personal. 

Camp was finally set up by late afternoon, boots off and 40kg lighter with a cool breeze sweeping through the air the men began to settle in, even the sun began to rest. With forearm to forehead the Beef Chief wipes the last bit of sweat off his brow and begins to reach for his reward. Instead of his typical RAT pack he pulled out some store bought beef jerky ready to distribute amongst men. 

What should have felt like victory was quickly overrun by pure and utter disappointment as he pulls out soggy, flavourless baby food mush posing as Beef Jerky. 

If there was ever a moment in your life that smacked you right up the side of your head, this was it. 

That single experience sent The Beef Chief on his journey to redeeming how that moment should have been. 

While still in the military he would begin trialing different sauces, marinades, cooking times and techniques with the very same men he was on top of that hill and was soon given the name of “The Beef Chief” which he wore with pride. 

With every bag of The Original Beef chief Premium Beef Jerky there’s a mouthful of Australian made grit, forged in tough times. 

So go on, take your boots off and dig in.


AEGIR Marine Pty Ltd

AEGIR Marine – Commercial and recreational marine survey, safety and investigation specialists.

AEGIR Marine’s purpose is to collaborate with owners and operators of recreational and commercial vessels to increase safety and ensure compliance on the water.

AEGIR Marine is a Defence Veteran owned business.

Bullroarers Australia

Bullroarers Australia is an Indigenous-Veteran owned company, closing the gap by providing meaningful employment pathways for Indigenous Australians, transitioning ADF Members, first responders and security-cleared personnel (PV/NV2/NV1/Baseline).

We are focussed on creating sustainable employment outcomes for our employees and subcontractors via our skills enhancement and training & development programs. We offer Indigenous Australian and Veteran employment pathways coupled with peer support and mentoring through our network and corporate sponsors.

We have long-standing relationships across Australian Government, corporates, academia and training partners. We hold multiple licences including Security Master and Commercial and Private Inquiry Agent Licenses and training qualifications.

We are a:

  • proud Supply Nation registered Indigenous company
  • multidisciplinary highly credentialed Veteran owned business
  • community and culture focussed organisation

South West Catering Car

South West Catering Care is a locally owned and operated family business, specialising in the service and repair of all your commercial catering equipment. We have an expert team of technicians who can assist you with the supply and installation of new equipment for any business within the hospitality industry, and if you are looking for a specific piece of equipment we also have a showroom open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Established in 1995 South West Catering Care moved to a new office and showroom in Norton Street in 2016 after being at our old address for 21 years. The move allowed us to expand our services to include a sales arm. With a strong connection to the Riverina we take our services from Tumut to Griffith, Albury to Young and all places in between.

In 2013 South West Catering Care came under new management with Philip and Carolyn Wilson taking over after Phils previous business partner retired. Our aim is to provide excellence in the provision of service to all of our customers and to ensure that all of our work is carried out with the utmost professionalism and to the highest standard.

Our technicians have been provided with factory training by specialists in their respective fields and we take every opportunity to further our training regularly in order to stay current with the changing products and technology. Our commitment to excellence is further supported by suppliers throughout Australia who engage us to carry out all warranty work on their equipment.

Philip and Carolyn Wilson along with the staff at South West Catering Care are committed to continual improvement and strive to make your customer experience as enjoyable as possible.

Clothing, Design & Household Items

Security & Tactical

JKG Global Group


JKG Global Group is a security consultation firm that enables individuals and enterprises to continually identify, evaluate and monitor risks that could affect business activities while providing business leaders with the information they need to make critical decisions. Guided by our principles and purposes, our cross-functional teams collaborate to create innovative strategies and develop best in class programs that drive sustainable effectiveness.

Semper Paratus

We aspire to be the premier boutique independent security, counter terrorism, risk, crisis and emergency management consultancy, the company of choice for forward thinking, knowledgeable and quality focused organizations.

But that was just the beginning. Today we deliver a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services using the same open collaborative business model.


Milligan Group

Established in 2010, Milligan Group has been quietly contributing to the rapidly changing inner-Sydney suburbs. Taking pride in actively working with many of Australia’s leading minds in design and architecture, Milligan is focused on creating new benchmarks for apartment living and sustainable commercial workspaces. Taking a people-centric approach, Milligan’s projects have one championing goal: to enhance the lives of occupants and communities.


Owner and sole director, James Milligan founded Milligan Group in 2010 after a successful 8-year career in the Australian Army as a Commando.

His goal was simple: to create signature buildings that inspire people and add meaningful value to communities.

With a keen eye for detail, James prides himself on leading a team that works collaboratively with consultant teams, consent authorities and community stakeholders, to achieve successful outcomes across a wide range of different developments.

Business & Consulting

National Service Financial

Hi all, thanks again for connecting.  A little about myself. I served 19 years with the Royal Australian Navy and Airforce, which saw me on Operational deployments on 5 occasions. I was medically discharged in 2017 after I blew both my knees out as well as a combination of existing injuries. This forced me to re-invent and re-educate myself for a life moving forward. Having been through the transition process I personally know how hard it can be and the specific issues that transitioning members face. My transition went quite well, as I was quite diligent and willing to research as well as surround myself with people that could help.

It was my journey that lead me to form the company to assist other veterans as they face the challenges of transitioning and how they then re-establish themselves in the civilian world. I have the belief that veteran founded business is perfectly placed to assist in transition and to navigate the myriad of complex financial issues that veterans face moving forward. Veterans understand and trust their veteran community.

Wayne Bemet NSF

I have been successful to date in forging key relationships and have been steadily building a suite of professionals to assist in this social impact enterprise. Companies that I have been successful in forging a relationship with include Legacy Australia, With You With Me, Galaxy Finance and Property, Swiss 8, Royal Australian Navy Rugby League, Shartru Wealth, Coherics and Mixed Mediums, Wright Lawyers as well as we are at the initial stages of working with the Defence Community Organisation. Plus a host of Defence Force Members, both current and Ex-serving.


  1. We have positioned ourselves to offer financial services as part of a new Veteran’s Centre in Nowra NSW. This initiative is funded by RSL NSW and we believe we can offer a consistent education based product in assisting my veteran community.
  2. We have teamed with Ben Rice and his Company “Coherics”. This will see us deliver a consistent and crucial service to military personnel who are discharging, providing a clear financial direction leading up to , during and post discharge.

National Service Financial (NSF) promotes financial awareness of issues that impact upon serving military personnel, transitioning personnel and veterans. We specialise in advice for members going through medical discharge and strongly believe that no one issue should be treated in isolation. Through a holistic approach we are here to help people at every stage in their military and post military life.  We have outlined a range of issues that we believe need to be addressed in a wholistic approach to managing transition, as well as solving 2 key problems.

  1. Military personnel are not making the most of their time in service financially.
  2. The vast majority of members whom discharge have no real direction on how to survive their transition and then thrive in the outside world.

Importantly we have developed our NSF Pillars, which are physical/mental health, employment, education, finance, legal and resilience.  We are seeking to promote awareness around these pillars and how ADF members need to consider them during and after they transition.  We have aligned ourselves with a range of strategic partners, being people I had personal contact with through my transition, professionals in various fields, also companies they are nationally based and can provide a platform to assist military personnel, spouses and their families. 

Since being medically discharged, I have established my own financial services and planning business.  National Service Financial was established to provide financial advice to military personnel and veterans.  I consider finance to be a key area for military personnel as there is little education around managing your money whilst you are within the ADF. 

Am extremely proud to say that we are a self-funded and self-sustaining business. I have been happy to fund this concept as it is something that I am passionate about.  We have had some dialogue with DVA around some of their funding options for transitioning personnel.  The next stages for NSF this year is to create some more structured content through seminars, web based programs and online education content.  To undertake this we are looking to partner with current ESOs to gain grant funding and other support from the government. 

Loudon & Vaughan

Dave and Warren met many years ago whilst serving in the 2nd Commando Regiment, and were deployed overseas together on a number of operations.

The Special Forces ingrained a culture of discipline and principled decision making, which Dave and Warren have brought into Loudon & Vaughan, and which they use to help manage and grow client’s wealth.

We only offer tried and tested financial advice, and we avoid putting clients into complex financial arrangements. No cryptocurrencies. No tulip mania. Nothing that we aren’t comfortable recommending to our own families.

We partner with our financial services licensee, Synchron. Synchron is Australia’s largest privately owned financial adviser group. They provide us with compliance and regulatory support, and the ability to tailor our advice in our client’s best interests.

We also utilise a number of professional partners to assist our clients in related matters, including accounting, mortgage broking and legal advice.

L & D Solutions

Learning & Development Solutions is a specialist Sydney based consultancy, delivering holistic workplace vocational education & training solutions, including needs analysis, design, development, delivery and recognition services.

Kinexus Recruitment

Kinexus is an expert at connecting people in complex and high-risk industries

Kinexus believes that recruitment is about knowledge and relationships, and the opportunities you make from them. 

Formerly known as Kinetic Recruitment, Kinexus is at the nexus (see what we did there?) of the Defence, Engineering, and ICT sectors in Australia.  

We help our clients and candidates navigate the highly competitive employment market, where employers vy for a premium workforce that is in short supply, and specialist workers with in-demand skill sets find themselves in stronger demand than ever before. At the centre of everything is Kinexus; we provide the intel that our community needs to foster their mutual and long-term success. 

Kinexus is unique in our unmatched history and experience within the Defence and Engineering industries. Our insider knowledge and relationship-based culture are what sets us apart, empowering our people with the intel they need to make the right choices, and connecting them with the right opportunities. 

Change Seminars

Whilst Craig Ball has been presenting for years, he doesn’t just speak from theoretical research. His ideas and techniques have been honed from years putting into practice exactly what he shares with audiences, sometimes biting off more than he can chew he has learnt not only how to apply the principles he shares, but all of the life hacks to use them to be most effective.

Whether its through dealing with setbacks and turning failure into success or feeling stuck and having no control over your situation, Craig makes the complex simple to get through adversity make it your ally and even learn to enjoy the process. 

He has done this through constantly refining his approach, through military service Craig chose to put himself in harms way. Taking opportunities that would allow him to go to Afghanistan, twice as he wasn’t happy with the experience the first time. Going full time in the army at 33 years of age going up against much younger guys to try to make the grade in a trial by fire approach to succeed against the odds and often after coming back from multiple setbacks.

What’s most important to him is the outcomes he is able to achieve for his audiences, this program is definitely not about Craig, as he likes to put it,

‘life is not a popularity contest and sometimes people just dislike you because you showed up, deal with it readjust you expectations, or remove them and move on.’

His passion is sharing with his audiences to enable them to live life on their terms, we look forward and are humbled by the opportunity to help you do likewise…if you choose to work with us.

Change Seminars was formed as result of an identified need in the community to reach out to and share with audiences a message of empowerment through taking the hard steps and asking hard questions of yourself, in order to create positive change in your life. 

INVICTA Prospects Group

Invicta Prospects Group (IPG) Pty Ltd is an Australian Veteran owned technology start-up specialising in the development and support of software solutions to better manage workforce capability. Leveraging over 20 years combined elite military experience, including service within Australia’s Special Operations Command, the IPG team has developed Operational Intelligence Software that efficiently captures and mobilises data to support critical decision making across operational, administrative and business domains. As part of the Macquarie University Incubator, IPG is working closely with other innovative Australian start-ups and cutting-edge researchers to ensure it remains at the forefront of military innovation.

Our Vision

Use Artificial Intelligence to protect human life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence driven risk management and decision support for military, law-enforcement and emergency services.