I wanted to create a page where I can put all the Veteran Podcasts, VLOG’s and other Veteran Entertainment/Educational pages all in the one place. These are ones I personally follow and listen too.

Matt Williams

A few months after returning from Deployment as a crew commander in Afghanistan, i was diagnosed with an incurable and inoperable Brain Tumor. I have taken it upon myself to Raise money for Cancer research, and share my story.

Email me: willy.beating.cancer@gmail.com

Voice Of A Veteran

Voice of a Veteran is a platform for Veterans to speak & be heard. To take action to stop other Veterans from suffering in silence & being misunderstood.

Email me: hello@voiceofaveteran.org

Instructions Sold Separately

Instructions Sold Separately is a long form podcast/conversation. We are trying to build a guide to this crazy & wonderful world by talking to some of the smartest, funniest, most resilient dudes and dudettes…. With beers.

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