My time in a MentalHealth Ward

My time in the Jamie Larcombe Centre I have never really spoken about my time at the JLC, I have had a fair few followers reach out and ask for advice and what to expect when they admit to the ward themselves. One of the most common responses I get is “I am scared to …

Recognising the struggle

Recognising that I was struggling So recently I have been neglecting my own self-care. I have been extremely busy and have been putting everyone else ahead of my own needs. So the last few months have seen some HUGE changes in my life We moved house, Bought and sold a house on the same day. …


Adjusting to fatherhood. So I recently became a father, my Son Alistar was born earlier this month. Both mum and bubs are doing extremely well and to say we are happy and in love is an understatement. My role over the years has always been a protector, this has ranged from doing my job in …


I’ve Lost my way a little. So the Chinwag page has been going for just over a year, during this time I have shared my journey and I would like to think that in doing so I have helped some of you and also made some of you aware the journeys our current and ex …


Rant warning…… Being a protector and doing what is right. How’s this for a heading? What does it mean to you? If you ask someone why they joined the Military, particularly a combat corps they will more than likely tell you “I joined to serve Australia and protect her Interests” Well it will be something …

Becoming A Dad

Becoming a Dad for the first time and my worries.


Time and time again I have had people tell me to do this or try this or this is the right thing to be doing. This is for a range of things as well; mental health, physical health and life in general. I wont sit here and say that I know all the answers and …


G’day Everyone. I have been pondering this topic for a while and I am still not sure how to address it correctly but I will give it my best shot. What do you think of when you hear Mental Health issues? I bet if you are Military or EMS you automatically think PTSD yeah? Well …


We Control Our Destiny
We Determine Our Path In Life


A lesson on the meaning and tradition behind ANZAC Day; not my own words but some I believe in strongly.


Warning: this post talks about suicide and may trigger vulnerable people. Please use discretion.


Coping with mental health conditions while isolating – helpful tips and perspective.


This post is about alcohol and the way it is perceived in our culture, more so the military culture.


Trembling, sweating, pounding heart… This is my story about anxiety.

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