Recognising that I was struggling

So recently I have been neglecting my own self-care. I have been extremely busy and have been putting everyone else ahead of my own needs.

So the last few months have seen some HUGE changes in my life

We moved house, Bought and sold a house on the same day. I done my Ankle in again pretty bad on this move (turned out to be a fracture) partner was heavily pregnant at this stage aswell. So this was a very challenging time and through out I reckon I only had one Psych appointment.

We got through that pretty well given everything that happened.

Then we had to find a new Obstetrician as our current one had a serious medical incident so this created a massive headache for both Jas and myself, we did get there and find a fantastic Doctor eventually but trying to get this sorted was stressful.

After this I done my Ankle in pretty bad again and this resulted in me needing a reconstruction and I was scheduled in for surgery two weeks before Alistar was born, I thought great this isn’t the best time but then I also thought that it was needed as I didn’t want to be walking with Alistar and then I went down as a result of my injuries. So we proceeded and went and got it done.

While all this was going on I learnt about someone I considered a brother and I deployed with had been charged with some serious child exploitation charges, this really messed with my head because this is one of my biggest fears as a father is protecting my son from the worst in the world and to find out someone so close to me was actively involved in this made me feel so sick. With the work I have done over the years both in the military and the private sector I have seen some of the worst in mankind and one of the biggest issues I feel I have is the fact that this sort of cruel behaviour happens to children and a lot of the time the perpetrators get away with it or get a bullshit sentence.

I also had some family matters that arose and to say I wasn’t happy with the way these were handled is an understatement and this has since resulted in me cutting some members away, simply because I don’t want nor need the Bullshit and I have my own family I need to take care of.

Then my Son Alistar was born, this was probably one of the proudest moments in my life and both Mum and Bubs had a fantastic birth and are doing extremely well and are very happy.

While all this was going on I honestly think I have worked out a handful of times, attended my Psych and Counselling sessions maybe once or twice and I was really neglecting my own health. It almost seems as if I was putting everything and everyone else ahead of my own needs.

The last couple of weeks I have taken a step back and realised this. So as a result I have started working out more, within my limits obviously since I am recovering from the reconstruction and I also seen my psych last week aswell and I was able to unload and get EVERYTHING off my chest. To say this was needed was an understatement. I think it is rally easy to distract yourself with everyone else’s issues and dramas and put yours to the back. One thing I have noted though is with all this going on I still do my best to help the Veteran community out and It doesn’t really take its toll on me, I mean I really enjoy doing what I can to help but I really need to remember that I need help myself sometimes and I really can’t afford to neglect myself.

I have really been enjoying getting back into the gym and working out with my little gym buddy.

Something we really need to do is self-care, we can’t keep running and driving ourselves into the ground. I get that it is hard to snap out of this mindset but you can get there. Self-care isn’t just physical and going to the gym but its also working on your metal health and I think this is something that people often forget.

Well I will leave this one at that for now, just a short quick rundown of Wally’s life and what has been going on, I am doing my best to keep the website upto date and maintain the Veteran Businesses and who can help features but this does take time. If you have any updates for me or want to be apart of it please do let me know.



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