Rant warning……

Being a protector and doing what is right.

How’s this for a heading? What does it mean to you?

If you ask someone why they joined the Military, particularly a combat corps they will more than likely tell you “I joined to serve Australia and protect her Interests”

Well it will be something along those lines!

I think there are those out there that live in a bubble of make believe and think the world is all sunshine and rainbows.

Want to know something it’s not.

War is shit.

You see the worst in humanity.

In the last 30odd years Australia has been involved in many theatre’s of operation, ranging from war fighting in the Middle East to Humanitarian missions in third world countries.

I think people and the general public really forget what the world is like outside of Australia. We are truly lucky to live in a country like Australia, a place where we don’t have to worry about fresh water, food, health care and the rest of the things we take for granted.

I’ll share some harsh realities of war, people die on both sides, people get injured both innocent and those they’re fighting.

Third world countries you see the worst in humans that are struggling, you see children starving, going through rubbish for food, lack of medical help and so on.

The recent media attention Australian Soldiers have been receiving is pretty shit. Those opinions are coming from people that have no idea of the realities of War.

There aren’t many people out there that will put on the uniform and go and serve our great country, yet we have so many that are quick to judge.

Now I will stand up for our Soldiers, Airmen/women and Sailors. There is so much bullshit out there at the moment and simply put those that need it have my support.

There is a saying.

Always Stand Up For What You Believe In…
Even If It Means Standing Alone..

I have had people tell me I am blowing my own horn and I should only report on this and that etc. Well here is some advice if you feel strongly about this go and do your own stuff and raise your own awareness. I can almost guarantee those that have a dig aren’t actually involved in the welfare and well-being of our service community, they aren’t the ones that have to notify the mates of some of the recent suicides that it was infact their brother that had taken their own life. You aren’t the ones picking up the pieces in an already broken system.

The reality of all this is I actually don’t like being one of the ones directly involved, sharing this sort of stuff. I initially started this to share my mentalhealth journey and to try and help out my mates that were and are struggling, it has since grown to become almost a very political page. I mean that’s ok but fuck it gets hard, especially when you have to deal with people behaviours and carry on with the whole he said she said bullshit.

The Veteran community is a toxic one I find there are alot of internal politics and drama. Will this change? Probably not. People will continue to come and go and always have their say.

Refer to the photo for this next part (note I didn’t take this photo)

Here is something though what would you do if this went off up the road from you?

A back story here this was a bus that was filled with explosives. It was detonated at an Afghanistan Army logistics compound, this compound was located 200m from an Afghan school… This explosion was then followed by a ground attack by Taliban Soldiers.


How would you react?

Was this reported alot in the mainstream media? NOT REALLY. These attacks happen all the time and wouldn’t generate much of a sale in stories so they wouldn’t get much airtime.

The Taliban and ISIS are still very active in Afghanistan just do a simple google search and have a look.

I think people really need to be more aware of the shit our service men and women have been through and what some people live with daily.

The realities of war are. It is shit and there is alot that goes on people arent aware of.

Anyway this is just my 2 cents and my rant.

I will back our men and women and continue todo so.

Just getting real sick of all the bullshit.

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