Becoming A Dad.

So let me introduce you all to little one, This is the name I have given as we do not know the sex as we are wanting it to be a surprise when the little one arrives next year.

I wasn’t going to share to much about this initially however after my recent psych session the other week I thought this would be a really good talking point and also it may give some of you an understanding into how the minds of some Veterans work. Now I am not saying everyone will be the same as me but there will be those that can relate.

Here we go.

I was talking with my Dr about the little one and the fact that I am super excited and at the same time I am terrified. I say terrified as I am shit scared about bringing the little one up in a world that is full of monsters.

So my job in one way or another has always been to protect, this was in the Army and also in the private sector and a couple of other little gigs I had over the years. My job was to protect my mates when we were over seas with that being the Combat First Aider there was also that sense of having more responsibility for you mates and those around you as you were one of the first on the scene in the event of a medical incident. Then we move onto working in the private sector and ensuring the safety of senior diplomatic staff and then working in the immigration networks ensuring the safety of the public by maintaining a security presence on the site and preventing any further incidents.

Now I would like to think I have done all those jobs to the best of my ability and achieved the tasks at hand.

What scares me is what I couldn’t do and who I couldn’t protect.

Ill break this down.

So working in the Middle East you are exposed to a lot, one of the biggest issues I found was the lack of care and concern towards children. They are raised in a war zone and do what they have too to survive. I witnessed children as young as 3 to 5 going through dumps and rubbish bins trying to salvage what they could to try and make money or items that they could use down the track to burn and keep warm. I have also witnessed Incidents where I have seen the suspected behaviour involving “Bacha Bazi” or “chai boys” and have been powerless to do anything about it.

Working in the immigration networks I was working in more of a security role in a Detention Centre, now I know there are those out there that disagree with this and that’s fair enough but let me educate you a little bit. The people that were being detained were not always the nice refugee you think you see coming ashore on the boats. A lot of who I was looking after were criminals that have had their visas cancelled for various criminal reasons. Now it is not my place to get into this nor the crimes etc so I won’t however what I did want to discuss this part of my life and the fact some of these criminals had done some horrendous things to children. The reason I bring this up is because it scares the shit out of me, especially now that I am going to be bringing up a little one in the world and I want nothing but the best for them in this life. What scares me is the fact there are people in this world that are nothing more than predators and will cause harm to a child if they are given the opportunity.

Now being a protector my nature this sends my head into over drive and I am sure I am not alone here and feel that there will be those that can relate to me.

I feel this will be something I will be discussing with my Dr in more detail in the coming sessions as we only really just scratched the surface of all of this.

I find that talking about this in such a public forum helps, by me writing it all out and hoping these stories help others by showing them they are not alone in this journey and world. We have all experienced things differently and we all handle life differently but by sharing our experiences and journey I find it really does help. Again this is just my opinion and this is coming from someone that has been there and done it.

Just to let you all know Mum and the little one are both healthy and Dad is over the moon to become a father. Just going into super protective mode.

I would love to hear your input on all this and even advise from those that are fathers and what you all do when it comes to protecting the little ones in your lives.



One thought

  1. I assure you Wally being a father, your father, an ex- soldier also I can relate to the absolute fear of being able to protect your kids, but you will because you have always protected your family and friends civvies and defence alike. As I watched you grow up into the amazing person you are I stressed at every milestone. Now as an old guy I see you and am proud of what you write here I know in my heart that as your parents we did the best and you did the rest . You will both be amazing parents and yes you will also fret it happens but you will always be there to help and protect. As your father and the little ones grand father I promise the Kevlar blanket and eight security cameras for the nursery is on order. Keep up the good work, all you and your readers please keep talking, to each other , to your partners, to anyone who will listen.


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