Getting back to the blogs….

So I haven’t been doing a whole lot on the blogs in the recent months. Life has just been insane.

Ill go back a couple of months when I had a massive blow up at my neighbor. Now I wasn’t really proud of this however it is something that has been building up for some time. Now I say this has been building up for some time so here is a bit of a background.

I brought this house after returning home from Afghanistan in 2014. This was my first home and I was so proud of myself for becoming a home owner. The location of my house was close to base and was in a nice area, the streets were well maintained and it seemed that everyone in the street was friendly and nice, or so I thought.

A couple of year being in the house and I got some new neighbours, a single mother with 9 children and she was also looking after her brother who had schizophrenia. Now I had no issues with this at all and just kept to myself.

At this time in my life I was with my partner and we were trying our best to succeed in life. We were both working as much as we could as we wanted to travel and enjoy our life.

This was hard to do for a number of reasons.

The Brother of the neighbor decided to smash up the windows at the front of my house as he had a psychotic episode, we had used nappies thrown into our property and we were forever dealing with noise, abuse, litter and so much more terrible behaviour. This went on for about 4 years and eventually these neighbours did move on but this ultimately left a sour taste in my mouth as well as my partners. We have since decided we were going to move and we had been discussing it for some time. When I had the blow up at the neighbor recently this really cemented in the fact that we were going to move and literally  that day we went house hunting. I wont lie I over reacted and I think there were a number of factors as to why I did, these being I was having a bad day, stressed with work and trying to sort out all the medical issues I have going on and a few other personal things that were going on in my life at the time.

So this gives you a quick rundown on why we are moving.

Fast forward to now and we are currently packing up our house and in the processes of moving into our new place at the beginning of December. So as you could imagine this has been taking up a lot of my time and hence why I have been neglecting the website and blogs recently.

With all this going on I am going to become a father.

So this is some positive news and to say I am excited is an understatement. Now This little one was planned and my partner and I are over the moon.

So this is what has been keeping me busy the recent months.

Selling our House

Buying a new house

Little one on the way

Working as much as I can

Managing all my medical appointments

Working as much as I can in the Veteran community

So over all life is definitely busy and over the coming weeks I would actually love to break all this down into more detail for you all, this is my idea to basically keep the Facebook posts a bit different to the blog posts.

So stay tuned and keep an eye out for the updated Blogs.



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