Blue Prints

These are my views and the way I have been processing things, this is what is working for me and maybe others will get something out of it.

At a recent counselling session we got talking about life and our blueprints, this is just the way our conversation was going.

It is like this we create our own blueprints. We decide what is on them and how it affects us, our blueprints from the past are there and will stay there, we cant change them and we keep reviewing them in our minds, we keep reliving what’s on them.

However our future isn’t written yet and it’s up to us to write our new blueprints.
Let’s talk about somethings.

The past is the past. Can you change it?

Well unless you have a time machine I don’t see it happening.

So what are we to do?

I don’t have the answers, that is the harsh truths of it. No one out there will have the answers for any single person. Only you have the answers for you, everything else out there is just a guide/tools and advice about how to deal, cope and move forward with past trauma.

Simply put we are all wired differently and handle and see things differently.

Something I took away from this recent conversation was this. Our blueprints are our own. What has been written is there and we can’t change that. We can learn to cope with what is written and we can learn to live with them.

But our blueprints for the future aren’t written yet and it’s in our control to write them how we see fit, we are in control.
This is definitely easier said than done though. What can you do to make sure you write and change the way your blueprints are written?

Well these are some tools I use and try to maintain to keep me positive and healthy.

– Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

– Go to the gym/yoga regime in place.

– Eat a healthy diet, cut out processed food and eat fresh healthy foods.

– Get plenty of outside time, walks, runs, hikes and go for a swim in some Ice cold water.

– Talk to professionals, counsellors, psych’s, Doctors etc.

– Don’t hold it all in, get it out there, write about it, speak about it. Just don’t bottle it all in.

– Realise that Its Ok To Not Be Ok.

– Don’t let the opinions of others bother you, people will always have their own views and that’s ok, Let them.

Unless someone has walked a mile in your shoes there opinion is invalid.

We control our destiny, We determine our path in life.

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