G’day Everyone.

There has been so much negativity out there in the world recently and my news feed has been clogged with it. I do my best to avoid it but sometimes that is easier said than done. Not watching the news has been a massive help to my mental health and I feel really good about it all, unfortunately I still see what is said on social media and something I have seen a lot of lately is so much hate out there that is being aimed at our men and women in blue.

I want to say something to everyone; just remember these people are humans.

Don’t let the actions of one speak for the majority. “Don’t let the actions of a few determine the way you feel about an entire group. Remember, not all German’s were Nazis.”

I saw a post the other day that stuck with me from a mate I used to serve with who is now a Police Officer.

It said –

“When you feel like public enemy number 1. Keep answering the calls because no one else will. #staysafe #thinblueline is getting very thin”

This made me think.

These men and women put on that uniform daily, they go to calls that would send shivers down your spine and most ordinary people would just turn around and walk away. But these men and women in blue put on a brave face and keep marching forward one step at a time and do what they have to.

They do this to keep you safe and help keep the community safe.

Everyone is always so quick to judge but let me ask you this, how can you judge someone before walking a mile in their shoes?

To all my mates that are currently serving the community I say thank you. You all do an amazing job and should be proud and always remember if you want a brew when you are out and about please stop in.



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