It has become apparent to me that there are so many lads that feel anxiety, depression and PTSD are something to be ashamed of.

I won’t lie, when I first had my break down, I didn’t want to tell anyone, not even my family or best mates.

I had the mindset that it is something to be ashamed of and I am weak and that I just needed to toughen up. However, this is such a stupid way of thinking. If people do say nasty things about you, then they are what’s wrong with the society.

Mental health is something that needs to be discussed in an open and judgement free environment.

Over the last few months, I have had countless lads reach out to me about the state of their mental health and how they are really struggling. I have also bumped into a number of lads at various treatment facilities and the common response is ‘please don’t tell anyone I am here getting help’ as if they are ashamed or embarrassed of it.

Something I want to say is none of you have anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about and you will have the support of your mates and loved ones.

We need to get over the stigma that you are weak if you talk to someone about your mental health.

Maybe people want to comment on here and show that they have sought help and acknowledged that it’s ok to speak about it.

Many of you have taken this onboard and it has become really great to see how open some of you are being with your own battles. I completely understand that this isn’t for everyone though and I respect that.

I am pretty open about mental health and I hope that my transparency is helping some of you.

Initially I was real hesitant about being so open about everything that is and has been going on.

Now I feel happy to share whatever is going on in my head. I have found that this has been helping myself as well as those around me.

So why are males so worried about showing their feelings? Well I was worried as I didn’t want my family and friends to think I was soft, I think this was the mentality that was smashed into me from the military and society in general!

Is it weak for a male to cry? No absolutely not, if anything it shows you are human!

Is it weak to show your emotions? No it is not, again it just proves you’re human!

Something I found about holding in your feelings was it is so detrimental to your health. This is coming from years and years of doing so. I was holding in my feelings and emotions and as a result I would get into such a state where I was angry, emotional and would end up having the worst panic/anxiety attacks. These attacks sucked, they were so painful and I had no idea how to control them.

I would go to bed so angry and hating on everyone and everything and would just lay there thinking and thinking and thinking. Eventually I would go to sleep however I would wake up a few hours later with the worst pains in my chest.

I have had a fair few lads reach out to me and get stuff of their chest and I am really happy they continue to do so, it is just going to show that this is all working and helping those that need it.

So with all this being said please continue to reach out and remember you are not alone through this journey.



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