Today I want to talk about being in isolation.

Funny that the treating doctors out there really encourage us (people suffering from mental health conditions) to not stay in our little shells and to go out and be in nature, social gatherings etc.

Now with this COVID-19 pandemic kicking about we are encouraged to stay indoors and limit our interactions with others.

Fine by me, I am really happy and comfortable being inside in my little shell watching Netflix and playing the Ps4.

I had a phone consultation with my Psych the other day and she was not too keen on self-isolation and hiding inside, it sort of goes against all the work we have been conducting during our sessions! I said to her I am pretty keen just keeping to myself and not acknowledging the outside world.

I know I am not alone as I have some group chats going with mates of mine and most of us are all in the same boat – in the fact we are all loving the idea of locking ourselves inside and not dealing with all the craziness that is the outside world.

When I say craziness I mean that… People hoarding items like toilet paper, women’s sanitary items (as my partner and myself found out yesterday), cleaning products and food. People spitting on our EMS members and even coughing and licking trollies! People truly are mad.

I have discussed this with people before including in another post about working in third world countries and never seeing such poor behaviour there, so what is that telling you about the general population here in Australia?!
Anyway back to it.

My Psych suggested some good ideas to me that I thought I’d share here as I completely get what she is talking about.

• Talk to your mates – even though we are not physically going out as much and we are avoiding any physical human contact, you can still see your mates and have a chat via video calls through messenger or skype. There are plenty of platforms out there that allow you keep in contact with your family and friends.

• Go out for some exercise in the sun. We are still allowed to go outside and exercise and in fact it is recommended. I understand that the gyms are closed however you don’t need weights to do a workout, just remember all those times in the Military we didn’t have weights for our PT sessions in the AM.

• Connect with mates on online gaming, I know plenty of people play video games and there are plenty of platforms out there that allow you to play in teams.

• Start reading! How many of us say we are going to read a book and then we never actually get it done? I am definitely guilty of this.

• Do some puzzles, when I was in the hospital I got into puzzles and really enjoyed them. They killed the time for me and I really felt some satisfaction when I finished it.

There are countless things we can be doing inside during this time, in and around the house. When was the last time you did a good spring clean? Catch up on all those jobs you have been putting off from around the house.

If you have a partner now would be the most ideal time to sit with them and just hang out. I love spending time with Jas and we really enjoy each others company so I am truly grateful I get to spend this time with her.

I have seen so many memes kicking around about isolation and deployments, funny thing is they are all pretty accurate. When you are on deployment you are confined to a base or room with little to no movement and you have rationed food, water, showers (if any) and so on.

At least if you are confined to your home in Australia you (likely) have:

• Running hot water
• Wicked wi-fi connections
• Netflix
• Food or takeaway if you want it
• Power
• Access to your mates at the click of a button
• Top notch medical treatment if you require it
• The ability to exercise outdoors
• The ability enjoy the fresh air

There are so many more positives I could write about but you get the point.

A lot of people are scared at the moment and I get that, but just take a moment to take in a deep breath and chill, remember it could always be a lot worse.

Take a look around and see what you are grateful for. We are lucky to be living here in Australia and not another third world country.

I hope you can all take away something from this post.


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