About Me

G’day everyone.

My name is Wally, I served in the Royal Australian Regiment and saw active service in Afghanistan. After my last time away I decided that was enough and I discharged from the military. I didn’t leave on good terms as I was angry and just wanted out.

At the end of 2014 I was now a civilian again…. This is where my journey began.

Recent Blogs

  • My time in a MentalHealth Ward
    My time in the Jamie Larcombe Centre I have never really spoken about my time at the JLC, I have had a fair few followers reach out and ask for advice and what to expect when they admit to the ward themselves. One of the most common responses I get is “I am scared to …
  • Recognising the struggle
    Recognising that I was struggling So recently I have been neglecting my own self-care. I have been extremely busy and have been putting everyone else ahead of my own needs. So the last few months have seen some HUGE changes in my life We moved house, Bought and sold a house on the same day. …
  • Fatherhood
    Adjusting to fatherhood. So I recently became a father, my Son Alistar was born earlier this month. Both mum and bubs are doing extremely well and to say we are happy and in love is an understatement. My role over the years has always been a protector, this has ranged from doing my job in …